“Mix & Match” Eliminated Members Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyeong Decide to Stay at YG Entertainment

The recent ending of “Mix & Match” had everyone abuzz especially with the inclusion of the original Team B members in YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group iKON with the addition of Jung Chan Woo. However, the question of what will happen to the remaining members, Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyeong, remain afloat for the show’s loyal viewers and fans.

YG Entertainment put all the rumors to rest as the two trainees decided to stay with the company. A YG representative said, “Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyeong had a one-on-one meeting with CEO Yang Hyun Suk and decided to stay. It’s not that the two members lack anything and that’s why they got eliminated from ‘Mix & Match,’ but the main reason is that compared to the other members they had the least time to grasp the training life. However with this, they expressed their firm stance that they want to remain in the company.”

The representative further added their intent to support the trainees and said: “We will be providing Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyeong with the proper facilities in training through the access to training rooms in the YG (building) and hopefully they will grow from this. If they have shown great improvement with all the training they will receive, hopefully they will be able to debut through YG.”