“Queen Inhyun’s Man” Reportedly Getting Chinese Remake Produced in a Live-Shoot System

According to several news reports, the 2012 tvN drama “Queen Inhyun’s Man” is getting a Chinese remake. While this in of itself would not be such surprising news, what makes this case particular is that the remake will be produced in a system similar to the way Korean dramas are produced- in the live-shoot system.

Chinese media source Sina.com reported that the  Korean drama “Queen Inhyun’s Man” will be remade in China and actress Zheng Shuang and actor Jing Boran have been linked to it. While the broadcast station has not been decided on yet, it is likely to be Hunan TV. The drama is also set to be produced in a Korean-style system, with episodes filmed while the series is airing- the live-shoot system. This is different from the normal Chinese TV production system in which the  drama is entirely pre-produced before airing.

“Queen Inhyun’s Man” starred Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na in a time travel story about a Joseon era scholar who finds himself in modern times and falls in love with a budding actress.

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