MC Mong Wins on “Inkigayo,” Performances from Kyuhyun, AOA, Hi Suhyun, Lovelyz and More

This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was MC Mong vs. MC Mong vs. BEAST for first place. MC Mong’s “Miss Me or Diss Me” and “Happiest Moment of My Life” and BEAST’s “12:30” competed against each other for no.1, with MC Mong winning! Congrats, MC Mong!

“Inkigayo” prepared a comeback stage for Kyuhyun, AOA, and Hi Suhyun.

The complete list of performers include Epik High (featuring Younha), Kyuhyun, Hi Suhyun, VIXX, Song Ji Eun, AOA, Boyfriend, Lovelyz, Hello Venus, Zhoumi, Madtown, Laboum, Boys Republic, B.I.G, Hot Shot, Cross Gene, and T.L Crow.

Today is actress Kim Yoo Jung‘s first day as MC. She replaces actress Lee Yoo Bi. Per tradition, Kim Yoo Jung performed a special stage as a new MC, dancing A Pink‘s hit song, “Mr. Chu.”

Performances will be updated as made available. BEAST ended promotions last week and did not perform today.

MC Mong winning no.1. He is not promoting his new album on television.

Kyuhyun “At Gwanghwamun”

AOA “Time” + “Like a Cat”

Hi Suhyun “I’m Different” (Bobby did not join them today on stage)

Epik High (featuring Younha) “Happen Ending”

Lovelyz “Goodnight Like Yesterday” + “Candy Jelly Love”

Zhoumi “Rewind”

Hello Venus “Sticky Sticky”

VIXX “Error”

Boyfriend “Witch”

Song Ji Eun “Twenty-five”

Boys Republic “The Real One”

Madtown “Yolo”

B.I.G “Are You Ready?”

Laboum “What About You?”

Hot Shot “Take a Shot”

Cross Gene “I’m Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man”

T.L Crow “Zombie Killer”

VIXX version of K-Milk campaign song

Kim Yoo Jung’s management agency, Sidus, uploaded these pictures onto its Twitter, showing the actress backstage at “Inkigayo.” Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is caught unexpectedly in the picture.

kim yoo jung kyuhyun inkigayo 1 kim yoo jung kyuhyun inkigayo 2

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