“Roommate” Producer Says It’s Impossible for a Jackson-Youngji Love Line

Unfortunately for “Roommate” viewers who were hoping for a Jackson-Youngji love line in the future, it appears that won’t be happening anytime soon, according to the SBS variety show’s producer, Park Sang Hyuk.

During a phone interview with OSEN on November 17, PD Park Sang Hyuk commented, “It is common to see Jackson and Youngji quarreling during filming.”

One of these quarreling sessions could be seen on the November 16 broadcast of “Roommate,” when the GOT7 member showed that he was hurt by the KARA member’s teasing statement about his height.

The PD continued to share, “The two of them normally get along without trouble. They have a lot in common. They’re the same age, they’re both members of an idol group, there’s only a 7-month difference in their debut period, and their music show and other schedules are similar. It’s normal for them to dance and play around like average high school students. Jackson, in particular, also teases the other hyungs and nunas, not only Youngji.”

Despite the back-and-forth bickering between the two, which has caused many viewers to be suspicious of their relationship, the PD explained that he doesn’t see the possibility of love line. He stated, “If you watch the broadcast, it’s impossible to connect them in a love line. Although the two of them said they made up after the ‘height remark,’ they start bickering as soon as they turn around. The producers and cast members call the two of them and the house pet Cucumber, ‘The Three Beagle Siblings.’”

What are your thoughts on Jackson and Youngji’s relationship on “Roommate?”
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