Pritz Reveals “Sorasora” MV, Decided Not to Edit Video Despite Nazi Symbol Controversy

Girl group Pritz has released the unedited version of the music video for “Sorasora.”

The video was unveiled on November 18 through the group’s YouTube channel. However, the outfits reminiscent of Nazi uniforms appear in the music video despite their agency PandaGram previously stating that the outfits would be edited out of the video.

Regarding the outfits, a representative of the agency commented, “We unveiled the music video of Pritz without editing it. Editing was deemed unnecessary by internal actors.”

Pritz is expected to pursue activities in Japan next month. According to the agency, the outfits are likely to remain the same.

The rookie girl group has been under fire for their stage outfits following a report by The Wall Street Journal that pointed out the striking similarities between Pritz’ outfits and the black uniforms worn in Nazi Germany. The group has performed twice while wearing the controversial attires, and photos of the members have since been circulating around the Internet. Netizens claim the red-and-white armbands have been inspired by the swastika symbol, which is commonly associated with Nazism.