Nicole Drops Solo Debut Album and “Mama” Music Video

Former Kara member Nicole has released her solo debut album and music video!

Nicole’s debut mini album is titled “First Romance” and the title track is “Mama.” The album is produced by Sweetune, and containing six tracks, tells the story of love, parting, and longing. The title track “Mama” is about an innocent and good daughter who falls in love with a boy and starts showing a different side of herself. The performance for the track was choreographed by Luam Keflezgy and Jemel McWilliams.

Of particular note is the album’s first track, “Innocent,” which has lyrics written by Nicole and fellow singer Eric Nam. The song features SPICA‘s Kim Boa.

The album is now available for purchase and Nicole will be actively promoting this album. Check out the music video for “Mama” below.