What’s worse than seeing another person wearing the same thing as you? Finding someone wearing the same perfume!

That’s right! Episode 32 of “Get It Beauty” is all about fragrance!

Fall and winter are prime times for this, so try and find a new fragrance that’s unique and suits you!


Do you have a fragrance that you don’t use? Maybe because it’s too strong or you were tired of it? Maybe it’s about to expire?

Put it to use in a new way instead of throwing it out! Turn it into a Reed Diffuser!

  1. Get your hands on a diffuser base (whether you make one yourself or purchase one) and an empty diffuser bottle.
  2. Fill a quarter of the bottle with your old perfume
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle up with the diffuser base.
  4. Stick some diffuser reeds in and you’re done!


Do you need to wear pantyhose during the winter and find your legs dry because of it? Even if not, this is a great tip for anytime you want to show off those legs of yours.

Over your pantyhose, spread perfumed lotion to not only hydrate your legs, but also to reduce static. To add an additional boost, spray some perfume onto your finger and dab where your pulse is on your leg—the back of your heel (at your Achilles’ tendon) and the back of your knee.

To add fragrance layers to your hair, add an unscented hair oil to the tips before dabbing a bit of perfume oil on the back of your neck, rubbing the remaining oil to the tips of your hair. Finally, spray your perfume onto your fingers and brush it through your hair. However, avoid the crown of the head!


Popular makeup artists Son Dae Shik and Park Tae Yoon join the hosts in the studio once again to demonstrate two “eau de parfum makeup”—makeup that lasts like perfume! Check out the episode to see the tutorials!


In this episode’s Up & Down segment, each side had two unique products to showcase.

Team one had fragrant nail polish, where each color signified a certain scent, and a very interesting breathalyzer that not only measured bad breath, but also blood alcohol level! Unique, huh?

Team two showed fragrance bubbles that were definitely out of most people’s price ranges, and a spray that masks odors in the toilet.

The Talking Mirror interviews Miss Korea ’99, Sul Soo Hyun! She reveals one of her secrets to her youthful face is cleansing her face thoroughly only once a day. Sul Soo Hyun also advices the use of sunscreen. Protect your skin, everyone!

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