WINNER on First Album and iKON’s Debut for THE STAR Magazine

YG Entertainment‘s WINNER recently revealed their thoughts on their first album and about YG’s upcoming group, iKON.

The monster rookies WINNER will be gracing the style magazine THE STAR for its December issue. For the issue, the WINNER members were asked about their thoughts for this year: their long wait as trainees, and finally releasing their first album “2014 S/S.” The WINNER members said, “We had a lot of sentimental and emotional songs on our first album, and we are currently working on strong and fun songs too. We just finished all the promotions for our first album. There will be a lot of chances to perform (our songs) on stage.”

When asked if they are nervous about iKON’s debut, they replied, “We’re thrilled (by their upcoming debut). Whenever we see them, it’s like they’re a mirror that we can look back and reflect upon, it’s that kind of existence.”