Henry Gets Grilled and Teased About Ex-Girlfriend on “Real Men”

On the November 22 episode of “Real Men,” Super Junior-M’s Henry has become victim to the other soldiers’ teases and jokes as they brought up the ex-girlfriend that Henry talked about in the previous episodes.

After shyly talking about his only ex-girlfriend in the previous episodes of “Real Men,” Henry’s fellow soldiers asked some more questions about Henry’s past relationship and teased the young singer, saying that he’s a player.

Because of the other soldiers’ prodding, the soldiers successfully got a confession from Henry who said, “We were just school mates.” And upon hearing the name of his former girlfriend, Henry’s face turned red, making him an even bigger target for his co-soldiers who wanted to tease him even more.

“Your ex-girlfriend in Canada whom you were in a relationship with for seven years… was she Korean?,” the fellow soldiers asked, among other things, to Henry. With his answers, the fellow soldiers insinuated that Henry was a player which, of course, the singer denied.

“Please watch your words,” said Henry to the soldiers who were teasing him so badly.

Find out if Henry gets to defend himself from the endless teasing in the November 22 broadcast of “Real Men.”