BIGBANG’s Taeyang Weighs in on Comparing WINNER and iKON

Winner and iKON have been consistently compared with one another ever since their appearance as Team A and Team B in the former MNet reality program “WIN: Who Is Next.” As YG Entertainment‘s senior, BIGBANG‘s Taeyang talks about the difference between the two groups.

Taeyang was asked if the two groups, who performed as opening acts in BIGBANG’s Japan concerts, have respectively shown their unique colors. He responded to this question saying, “these two groups have participated in one audition program but they’re really different from each other. iKON has a stronger hip-hop approach, although I’m not sure where they will stick out. I’m older than any of the iKON members so in this sense, I’m more relaxed. When I talked to them though, they expressed that they will work hard.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang and G-Dragon have released a dance track called “Good Boy” and will officially make their first performance at 2014 MAMA to be held in Hongkong.