This episode of “Get It Beauty” brings us tips from seven beauty experts from all over the spectrum! Hair stylist Tae Yang, makeup artist Jung Saem Mul, beauty trend reporter Yoo Ah Jung, plastic surgeon Hong Gi Suk, therapist Bae Eun Jung, original “Get It Beauty” host Kim Jung Min, and hidden beauty expert Park Hwi Soon join the hosts in the studio!


Each of the experts were asked to write down what they though was the beauty keyword of 2014.

Kim Jung Min chose Jun Ji Hyun, speaking of her extreme popularity as the leading role in “My Love from the Stars.” The makeup and clothing that Jun Ji Hyun wore during the drama were almost constantly sold out, thus making Jun Ji Hyun the trendsetter of 2014.

Yoo Ah Jung chose “normcore” as her keyword—a word combining “normal” and “hardcore”—to signify the trend of “act cool.” In other words, this trend means taking a basic item and putting a twist on it.

Park Hwi Soon talked about his “rivals” in fashion, Jo In Sung and Park Hae Jin. These men were able to take normal fashion basics and mold them into “normcore” styles that are distinct to them.

Tae Yang wrote down “natural & mix” to point out the trend of natural hair with a few twists. From a making a zigzag or irregular part to adding color, Tae Yang calls this the “normcore” of hair.

Jung Saem Mul also creates a compound word, “o-beo-lip,” to indicate the trend of orchids and burgundies in lip color. Orchid shades were trendy for S/S, while burgundy shades are now leading for F/W.

Bae Eun Jung’s keyword “wheat zone” is confusing to the hosts at first, but it turns out that this zone is all about the cheekbones. She gives an interesting tip on how to slim down your cheekbones!

Finally, Hong Gi Suk wrote “girls with natural procedure results” on his board. One of the better girls in the audience—who had just recently gotten the small procedure done—could not be picked out by the hosts because of how natural her face looked. The before and after pictures showed how her faced slimmed up very naturally.


When asked what she thinks the trend of 2015 will be, Jung Saem Mul replies with a retro trend. With 60s model Twiggy’s eye makeup in mind, Jung Saem Mul gives several new tricks to normal methods.

Tae Yang also demonstrates a very unique technique to get a messy updo. All it takes is two ponies a few hair bands, and some bobby pins!


In this segment of “Up & Down,” two categories are looked at: cleaning items for tools and tonics for the skin.

For the first category, team one showcases a foundation puff that doesn’t collect germs. This puff is made of a special rubber, and all it takes is a few wipes of a towelette to clean it!

For team two, they show off a special dry brush cleaner. When your brush has makeup powder on it, sweep the brush over the porous surface several times to clean it. If you remove the cleaner from the can, you can see the powder collecting at the bottom of the container.

For the second category, team one shows us the “zombie pack.” This pack is meant to relieve dry skin, but you may not want to use it around other people! The dry scrub is mixed with the liquid that is made up of rose water and aloe vera and then applied to the face. However, as it dries it really shrinks and pulls the skin!

In team two’s case, they showcase special “bean cleansers” made up of diatomite and volcanic ash. When crushed up and mixed with water, the cleanser is very soft to the touch and great for sucking out the impurities in the skin!

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