YG Producer Teddy Earned 950 Million Won in Royalties

In response to speculations about Teddy and Han Ye Seul’s relationship being on the rocks, Han Ye Seul’s management agency released a statement on November 26th claiming that the two are still going strong and continuing to build their relationship.

Now that the rumors have been cleared up, reports about Teddy’s earnings as a producer are drawing new attention. Last year, it was reported that he earned 950 million won (approx. 860,000 USD) just from royalties and in 2012, ranked fourth nationally in total income from music royalties. It has also been reported that he is a shrewd business man; he recently opened up a cafe in the Seoul Seo-kyodong area.

Teddy, the former leader of hip hop group 1TYM, has been working as the main producer of YG Entertainment. He and Han Ye Seul went public with their relationship last November.

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