Exclusive: Fly to the Sky Talks Zombie Invasion, Performing with SMTOWN & More During LA Press Con

Fly to the Sky recently had their concert “Masterpiece of Legends” with their good friend, Gummy. They held their concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on November 29th. Before the concert, Fly to the Sky held a fan meeting and also an exclusive press conference. And Soompi has all the details!


When the R&B duo first arrived, they spent quality time with their fans. They answered questions from their fans and even did raffles, giving away signed posters and signed CDs. And one lucky winner won a trip to Korea! WOW! There were definitely lots of emotions and tears as fans went up to receive their prizes, but they also were able to get handshakes and hugs from Brian and Hwanhee. As one fan continued to cry, Hwanhee just stood there on stand by with open arms to give her a hug. How sweet! And he then stroked her hair, therefore, hence the screams and squeals.





Now on to the press conference! Although questions were asked to both Brian and Hwanhee, since the concert was in the States, Brian did most of the talking in English for both himself and Hwanhee. Although they had only arrived a couple days earlier and were probably still going through some jetlag, they were so friendly and honest as they answered their questions.


Q: Where is your favorite place to tour? And where is your favorite city that you’ve played in so far?

Hwanhee: I’m not just saying this because we are in the States right now, but we a while back, we performed in LA and San Francisco. Those are the ones that were very memorable to me.

Brian: For me, the most memorable place I’ve performed at would be the same. Last time we were here in Cali and after that, Hawaii. I love Hawaii.

Q: What song do you have the most fun performing and why?

Brian: Wow. That’s a hard question. I’ve never actually asked myself that question. To be honest, even though I love our songs, but I enjoy performing my song “Let This Die.” That’s my personal favorite out of all the songs I’ve performed.

Soompi: What is one of the most interesting or frustrating things about being a musician that most fans wouldn’t realize or consider?

Brian: Basically, for us, it’s the fact that lot of fans and people who just don’t know how celebrities live, they assume that it’s all glitz and glamour and everything is handed to you on a silver plate. But the truth is, no one knows what goes on behind the scenes, prepping a show, prepping an album, the actual stress, money, sweat, blood that goes into preparing for work. They just assume like “Oh, they have it easy, all the pop stars have it easy.” If it was up to me and I had a friend who wanted to be a pop star, I would dare him to be a pop star for at least a week and see how he can handle it. It is just very stressful, but most of the fans don’t see that side of the work.

Q: What would you say is your most memorable performance?

Brian: There are so many. Recently, about three months ago, SM TOWN had a big concert in Korea, and we were invited from Lee Soo Man himself to come and perform. That was a very memorable performance for us because we know that it’s not easy for past SM artists to be invited to those kinds of shows. For him to invite us, it was an honor and a privilege for us to be able to attend the show and perform with the other SM artists.

Q: What cities in Latin America would you like to perform at?

Brian: Simple answer. I would like to go anywhere in Latin America because I’ve never been. I guess Chile would be a place I would want to go because I love Chilean wine. For the fans, we’ve never been there so hopefully one day, we can get to fly out there and perform for you guys. We really are looking forward to traveling there one day. We got our fingers crossed.


Soompi: If you had to form your own team of celebrities in case of a zombie invasion, who would you pick and why?

Brian: I would pick Rick Ross, Chang Min from 2AM, and Hwanhee because I know how athletic and pretty sure them being tough guys would actually be better for us in the long run trying to escape a zombie or if we have to actually physically attack a zombie. It would be easier. Rick Ross, I know he does Cross Fit as well, so I mean he doesn’t look the part, but I would choose those guys.

Q: What is your favorite thing about performing?

Brian: I’d have to say its the reaction we get from our fans that we interact with. There’s been many times where we travel the world and we hear news like, miracles. People, cancer patients, people who can’t walk, people who are sick, they naturally get a miraculous healing from our music. When I hear stuff like that, it is very joyous, it’s moving. Sometimes, you are like “Man up, stop being such a wuss,” but it’s not being a wuss. You actually realize you’re doing such a great thing and I guess that brings out a soft side in me as well. Being able to do that for people, it’s such a blessing and that brings me to a state where it makes me realize that what I’m doing and when I’m doing it, it’s the right time.


Q: So it’s almost the end of the year, is there anything you are hoping to do next year or have any wishes for the new year?

Brian: Hwanhee and I both hope that we continue as Fly to the Sky and more people will know more about us all over the world, not just in Korea or in the States or other Asian countries. But to be able to tour not just in the States and Korea, but to travel the world, see more of our fans, and interact with our fans more. Hopefully, next year we win another award on a music show or something. This year, being able to win best R&B and Soul for the Melon Music Awards was a huge achievement for us. Hopefully, if we continue that, that would be a great thing.


Q: I feel my happiest as an artist when ________.

Brian: When we do good charity work. Recently we did a performance at the Lou Gehrig ALS performance in Korea. And to be able to be a part of that was such a great thing, that we’re raising money and awareness for ALS and Lou Gehrig’s disease that people don’t know about. A lot of people thought the ice bucket challenge was a lot of fun and they were goofing off, but they didn’t realize the real meaning behind the actual acts and the cause for it. Being able to perform at that show was a huge thing for us and we had a memorable time performing at that event.

Soompi: Now that you’ve achieved your dreams of being musicians, are there any other goals you’re working towards?

Brian: For me personally, and I’ve said this in Korea, but I am so hung up on fitness that one day I want to open up my own gym. For lot of fans in Korea, they already know that I opened up a plant, floral design store. Obviously I don’t do all the work there because I’m not a professional floral designer, but I want to learn more as I am working there and running things. And of course, I want to open up my Cross Fit box one day in the future because I don’t want to just be a fit artist, but actually help others to be fit as well. Hwanhee is saying, “Even though we have achieved our goals as musicians, he doesn’t want to be limited and wants to actually spread out to other parts of the world and get our name out there as well. And that’s probably the biggest goal for the future that he is hoping to achieve.


This fan meeting and press conference was filled with such positive vibes, enthusiasm and excitement. Fly to the Sky created this positive, encouraging atmosphere and everyone had such a fun time! Both Hwanhee and Brian were just so natural and honest throughout the press conference, laughing and smiling throughout as well. If you missed the concert, you can check out the recap right here on Soompi!

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