Hong Jong Hyun and Jin Se Yeon Pose for a Couple Photo for Their Upcoming Rom-com Film

Jin Se Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun have revealed a photo taken together for their new movie, “Police Family.”

Jin Se Yeon, the lead actress, was cast for the role of Park Young Hee. Her co-star Hong Jong Hyun, the lead male, was cast as Cheol Soo. The two characters they will play are deeply in love, and in order to deliver their roles flawlessly, the two stars have begun getting into their characters. The picture depicts the actor and actress smiling and getting along just fine. There seems to be no awkwardness between the two as they pose for the camera.

“I became familiar with the characters, and their love for each other is so great that they cannot stand to be apart,” said Jin Se Yeon. “Their love will give a certain enchantment to the movie. I hope the movie will resonate with the audience.”

“Police Family” is a romantic comedy movie about the daughter of a policeman and the son of a mafia boss falling in love and getting married. But having two families on the opposite side of the law come together in marriage will surely compose numerous hilarious situations. The movie is set for release next year.