Lee Kwang Soo Explains Why He’s Never Visiting Friend Song Joong Ki in the Army Again

On the December 3 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” cameras followed actor Lee Kwang Soo as he took part in an advertisement shoot. The actor also sat down for a brief interview with the entertainment news program, during which he made mention of actor Song Joong Ki.

As the interview proceeded, Lee Kwang Soo brought up the topic of Song Joong Ki, his close friend who is currently carrying out his two-year service in the army. The two of them were previously cast members together on SBS’ “Running Man,” before Song Joong Ki stepped down to focus on acting.

During the interview, Lee Kwang Soo shared, “Joong Ki is in the army right now. Around the time of his enlistment, before he left, I would cry whenever we drank together.”

When the reporter asked if he has made a visit to see Song Joong Ki at the army base, the actor replied, “I went to visit him once. It didn’t seem like he appreciated it very much, so I’m never going again,” causing laughter with his humorous response.
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