Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Opens Up about Hurtful Comments

On December 6, Brown Eyed GirlsJeA opened up on her Twitter account about hate comments that she has been getting.

The singer-songwriter tweeted, “Wow, I go to an event with a good heart, only to get comments bashing the way I look… I guess I don’t get over things easily.”

JeA continued, “People who write hate comments are mean… Whatever. I’ll forget about it.” Along with the tweet, she attached a series of selfies, including a scrunchy stank face. Netizens responded with various words of encouragement like, “Only read good things,” “Don’t read things the comments under articles,” and “There are more people who love you.”

JeA is the leader of pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls, which is composed of members Ga In, Narsha, and Miryo. She made her solo debut in 2013 with album “Just JeA.”