Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 12

In this episode of “Birth Of A Beauty“, the show continues with Sa Ra‘s (Han Ye Seul) amazing transformation from an ahjumma to a famous celebrity. Meanwhile, Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) wants take some initiative on their relationship. Unfortunately, Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye) has more tricks under her sleeve, using her husband Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon) to destroy the couple’s happiness once and for all. Here are our top five moments:

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 12 - 1

1. Marriage!

At the grocery, Tae Hee helps Sa Ra pick the ingredients to allow her to practice before the cooking competition. But Sa Ra needs to keep a low profile due to her popularity rising in the media – time for a disguise. As they go on their groceries at the market, they meet Ji Hoon, who is deeply curious about Tae Hee’s new love interest. The doctor hands a compliment about the two of them going out like a married couple.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 12 - 2

2. Party!

The duo feels slightly embarrassed hearing Ji Hoon’s compliment about their date. Tae Hee suggests to Sa Ra that maybe they should experience a moment as a married couple. They dress up in their couple pajamas and play together mischievously until Sa Ra mentions she cannot continue the relationship. She feels uneasy and carries a heavy burden from her past. She’s terrified, thinking about Lee Kang Joon potentially harming Tae Hee and decides to avoid him for the best.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 12 - 3

3. Sabotage!

Chae Yeon is jealous to see Tae Hee turning his attention to Sa Ra. She manipulates Kang Joon into believing Tae Hee orchestrated his temporary arrest with Sa Geum Ran. She is convinced Tae Hee would crush Kang Joon with his inheritance once he seizes the company. Chae Yeon then learns that Sa Geum Ran was allergic to peanuts and uses this opportunity to get rid of Sa Ra during the competition.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 12 - 4

4. Challenge!

With Tae Hee refusing to break up, he wants to receive some advice from his friend, Ji Hoon. The surgeon suggests that Sa Ra might be disappointed because Tae Hee hasn’t proposed to her yet. Tae Hee is skeptical about this idea and instead decides to apologize to her for neglecting her feelings. Sa Ra and Tae Hee make peace and promise to be more open towards each other from now on. Before Tae Hee and Sa Ra’s big day at the broadcasting station, they organize battle plans for the cooking competition and the official takeover of Winner Group.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 12 - 5

5. Confrontation!

Kang Joon and Chae Yeon were speechless at witnessing Sa Ra winning the broadcasting event completely unharmed. As the two argue about their failed attempt to take down Sa Ra, Chae Yeon is still certain about Sa Ra’s identity and Kang Joon secretly follows Sa Ra at the parking lot. Unfortunately, Sa Ra is experiencing recurring symptoms from her allergy coming up later than expected. Kang Joon notices her coughing and confronts her while Tae Hee waits patiently for the proposal.

What do you think about the drama so far? Will Sa Ra be able to overcome her past and find her happiness? Let us know in the comments below!

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