That’s right! Episode 34 of “Get It Beauty” is all about DIY nails! Specifically gel nails.

Since professional nail care is expensive these days, not everyone can afford to splurge and get a pretty manicure done. But this episode shows us how to get high-quality looking nails on our own!


Shin Tam Yi Na, the nail artist of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, joins the hosts to show us several cute designs. One resembles stockings with its sheer coating of color, one mimics the texture of a knit sweater, and the other is a tiny 3D purse.

These designs may require some time and practice, but the end results are certainly worth it!


Shim Tam Yi Na continues on to show how to get the nail design Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany had in the “Holler” music video. She chooses a Better Girl with short nails to show how to create strong, flexible nail extensions without causing harm to the nail. All it takes is some gel polish and a fake nail as a mold! After curing the nail and setting the design, the extension looked as if it were the Better Girl’s actual nail!


This segment of “Up & Down” showcases several money-saving and eye-catching products.

Team 1 brings us three inexpensive, yet useful items. Want professional-looking 3D stickers without paying the professional price? Create your own! By using your own nail polishes in these inexpensive molds, you can create cute stickers to your liking.

The second item is a gel nail polish with a small opening that allows very detailed designs instead of having to use a pin to do the same thing.

Team 1 also showcases “iron soap.” By washing your hands with it as you would with regular soap, it eliminates the odor of nail polish and remover. Actually, it can be used to eliminate a lot of different odors!

Team 2 presents a classy product, a cutting-edge product, and a safety product. The first item is a nail polish (created by a certain famous shoe brand sporting the same colors) that allows you to easily paint the underside of your nails one color so that a contrast can be made with a different color on the top.

The second item is quite unique: LED nails. Powered by an app on your phone, these nails will really draw attention to you in the dark of a party!

The last product from team 2 was a UV protection glove. Since UV is used to cure nails quickly but is still unhealthy, these gloves allow you to protect the majority of your hand while not interfering with your nails!

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