Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 13

Emotions are running high in episode 13 of “Birth of a Beauty.” From Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee trying to work out their relationship to Gyo Chae Yun trying to sabotage them, everyone is a bit on edge. Lee Kang Joon also all but confirms that Sa Geum Ran is still alive and after him. Knowing Sa Ra is somehow involved with Sa Geum Ran, he targets her.

1. Han Tae Hee takes over as CEO of Winner Food.


As another way to step on Han Min Hyuk’s toes on his way to take over Winner Group, Han Tae Hee becomes the CEO of Winner Food. But with the last few products being failures, the company is on its way to bankruptcy. Even the CEO office was abandoned and used as storage for the unsold products.

However, Han Tae Hee has a few tricks up his sleeve to revive Winner Food, starting with introducing a new product made by Sa Ra.

2. Han Tae Hee realizes that Sa Ra was suffering from the allergic reaction.


After having an unnecessarily harsh fight with Sa Ra over her obsession with Lee Kang Joon, Han Tae Hee tries to ignore her, angered by her lack of response. However, when he curiously tries to check in on her during her rehearsal for the cooking show, he discovers that she had eaten peanuts at the last filming. Horrified at his misunderstanding, Han Tae Hee rushes home and calls Gyo Ji Hoon to help her.

3. Gyo Chae Yun turns her brother against Sa Ra.


Knowing that having Gyo Ji Hoon on her side would help pull Han Tae Hee away from Sa Ra, Gyo Chan Yun tells her brother what Sa Ra has done to her marriage. Clearly upset, Gyo Ji Hoon tries to advise Han Tae Hee to not get involved with Sa Ra when he goes to treat her allergic reaction. Han Tae Hee is firm in his love for Sa Ra, and Gyo Ji Hoon learns that Han Tae Hee was going to propose to Sa Ra the night before. This ends up being relayed to Gyo Chae Yun.

4. Sa Geum Ran’s mother learns that her daughter is indeed alive.


The signs were simply too clear to Shim Yeo Ok’s motherly intuition. She meets with Han Tae Hee and asks if the signs she inadvertently felt from Sa Ra were true. Was her daughter alive? Han Tae Hee finally reveals that, yes, Sa Ra is her daughter. Overcome with joy, Shim Yeo Ok cries and agrees to go see Sa Ra when Han Tae Hee offers to bring her to the filming studio. However, she does not stay to meet with Sa Ra after the filming.

Even though Sa Ra doesn’t know that her mother knows, simply seeing her made Sa Ra decide to change her dish. Sa Ra explains that this new dish, beef rice balls, is special because she made them with the ones she loves in mind, and that they were the warmest because they were made with her heart. Though this dish was simple, it convinces the judges. For the first time in the cooking show’s history, there is a tie.

5. Han Tae Hee takes a big step…


When Sa Ra learns that her rice balls are going to become Winner Food’s new product, she is ecstatic. She tells Han Tae Hee that the CEO of the company even personally invited her to the party revealing the product. But when Han Tae Hee tries to tell her that he is the CEO, and it was his idea, Sa Ra laughs it off thinking he is joking.

However, Han Tae Hee proves himself at the party. Previously, Sa Ra had said she wanted to dance with him at a special occasion, so when Han Tae Hee walks out onto the floor, he asks her for a dance. As he dances with her, he takes the step he couldn’t take before.

He asks her to marry him.

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