M.I.B’s Sims Joins Idol Rap Battle, Addresses iKON’s Bobby in His Lyrics?

Sims of hip-hop group M.I.B has become a hot topic following the release of his diss track, “You,” which also marks his entrance into the ongoing rap battle among rappers of the idol industry.

The diss track was uploaded on Sims’ SoundCloud account on December 12, followed by the rapper mentioning about the song to his fans through his Instagram. However, the story was not picked up by the media until December 17, when reports and discussion threads regarding the song started appearing on the internet.

Although Sims does not clarify who the diss is directed at, the title “You” indicates that the lyrics have been written with a specific person in mind. Furthermore, the diss track comes just a few days after VIXX member Ravi released his diss track, which has only fueled the speculations of Sims’ track being a contribution to the ongoing – and now growing – rap battle.

Netizens have speculated that the following three lines are directly attacking previous rap lyrics or sayings by Bobby.

You can’t even ride the beat, who are you trying to imitate?” – One of Bobby’s lyrics include the line “I ride the beat like a fool.”

I have even rapped at Trot X” – Bobby dissed his fellow contestant Vasco‘s stage on “Show Me The Money 3” by saying that Vasco performing a rock song on the show is like someone rapping on Trot X (a trot music survival show on Mnet, M.I.B’s Kangnam‘s also happened to be one of the contestants)

I am allergic to those b*stards that thoughtlessly only diss idols” – Bobby is known for having addressed the rapping skills of idol rappers on multiple occasions.

On December 15, Sims stepped forward to clarify things out, and tweeted, “I sympathize with Bobby, I borrowed his expressions.” It is unclear, however, which expressions he is referring to.

Listen to the diss track below.