M.I.B’s 5zic Drops Debut Solo Track, “Chillin’ On My Bed”

After taking a short break following the conclusion of their group activities in April, M.I.B‘s rapper 5zic has recently announced the release of his first solo track entitled “Chillin’ On My Bed.”

Released on December 17, 5zic’s debut track, “Chillin’ On My Bed,” is written, composed, and produced by the rapper himself. It is said that 5zic worked on his debut track after he finished taking part in M.I.B’s group activities last April with their second full album, “The Maginot Line.”

The track “Chillin’ On My Bed,” which features Roydo of Royal Class crew, expresses the feelings of a person in his mid-20s where, compared to his early 20s when he was overflowing with vigor, he is clashing against reality.

5zic’s co-M.I.B member Sims, who has recently been a hot topic for his track “You” which is said to be directed to iKon’s Bobby, has helped out 5zic in his solo debut as he featured in the track as well.

Check out 5zic’s solo track, “Chillin’ On My Bed,” here:

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