M.S.G. Now, we are not talking about the stuff that is bad for your body! No no no. It is an acronym that stands for Money, Success, Guy! Episode 35 of “Get It Beauty” focuses on the idea of facial fortune, and how the things you can change—and cannot change—can affect your life.


Makeup artist Kim Hwal Lan and fortune teller Park Sung Joon join the hosts for this episode’s main topic. While Park Sung Joon mentioned that plastic surgery and makeup do not change your fortune, makeup does affect the impressions you make. One of the most important places to think about is the eyebrows.


Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Go Joon Hee, and Han Ye Seul are used as prime examples of how changing your eyebrows can drastically affect the look of your face. This is sometimes even referred to as “eyebrow plastic surgery” due to the effects.

This does come with one warning from Park Sung Joon, however. Be careful if you want to cut off the “mountain” of your eyebrows because it can change the impression you give and thus your facial fortune. Take care to make your eyebrows look most natural for your own face!


Here the topic of M.S.G. arises. Three examples of women are given, one for each word. Facial fortune brought Oprah Winfrey her wealth, Hillary Clinton her success, and Kate Middleton her lucky marriage.

While it is hard to be able to have all three at the same time, having the right makeup can help you make the right impression. Park Sung Joon prepares for the hosts and Better Girls colors that suit them best based off their birthdays, and then Kim Hwal Lan gives an example of how to use the colors in your makeup.


Attract guys, bring fortune: these are the two rounds for this segment of “Up & Down.”

For the first round, team one presents a foundation puff that houses the powder inside of it. However, though this product is antibacterial, people find it hard to control the appropriate amount of powder. Team two, on the other hand, shows off an interesting lip product that changes the color of your lipstick. Take red for example: rub some of the black side of the pallet on your lips and the red becomes burgundy. If you use the white side, the red becomes a lovely pink!

For round two, team one makes a comeback with a camera lens that attaches to your phone camera. Using the app, the lens magnifies your skin and the app then calculates the state of your skin. Team two then showcases their final product: a carbonic gun. Though pretty pricey, this product sprays your skin with a special carbonic solution that quickly improves the state of your skin.

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