“Pinocchio” Lee Jong Suk Attacks Santa in Preview Stills

Pinocchio” has released some stills from upcoming scenes featuring Lee Jong Suk in different situations in the aftermath of episode 12.

The stills are from episode 13 which will air this week. We can see Lee Jong Suk’s character, Ha Myung, crossing his arms and staring intently at something. The image of him thinking deeply and appearing agonized has sparked curiosity.

In another still, we see Ha Myung with his YGN coworkers. He is seen wearing a clean cut coat and a scarf after reporting his first story.  In the same still, it looks as though Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi) has arrived. There seems to be an urgent matter at hand judging from the way Ha Myung is checking his watch with a serious expression.

The still involving Santa Claus and junior reporters is especially striking. Yoo Rae is seen being full of fear at the sight of the mysterious Santa Claus who is causing a disturbance. There seems to be public support for punishing Santa and we see a flying kick heading his way.

The drama’s production team told viewers to look forward to Ha Myung developing and growing as a reporter. We will be seeing more of Ha Myung working hard to establishing himself as a reporter.

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