2NE1 Sets New Record with Billboard’s Year-end World Album Charts

2NE1‘s second full album “CRUSH” set a new K-pop record on Billboard‘s year-end world album charts.

Billboard said on December 22 that “2NE1’s ‘CRUSH’ made the year-end world album charts for the first time in K-pop history.”

In particular, they said that “this year, they broke many chart records and with this victory, wrapped up 2014.” They also said, “‘CRUSH’ placed 11th on Billboard year-end world album charts. This is the first time a K-pop act has made the list since it was first introduced in 1995.”

Furthermore, “CRUSH” started off on the charts at 61st place on “Billboard 200” in its first week of release, which is the highest placement for K-pop albums. It also took its place as Billboard’s choice of “2014’s No. 1 K-pop album,” Rolling Stones‘ choice of “2014’s Best Pop Album,” and Fuse TV’s “2014’s Best 40 Albums.”

Billboard also delivered news of CL, saying, “2NE1’s international name brand looks stronger than ever. 2NE1’s leader CL is working to debut in America with the producer Scooter Braun.”

Congratulations 2NE1!