Kim Soo Hyun’s Commercial Earnings Approach 100 Billion Won

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is a true CF star, reportedly earning nearly 100 billion KRW (roughly 90 million USD) through roles in Korean and Chinese commercials.

Kim Soo Hyun has played many successful lead roles throughout his career, including his most internationally renowned character Do Min Joon in the hit drama “My Love From the Stars.” Along with his increased popularity, Kim Soo Hyun’s profits have also skyrocketed. Before his time on “My Love From the Stars,” Kim Soo Hyun reportedly earned around 600 million KRW (550 thousand USD) per commercial, but this number increased to between 800 million and one billion KRW (720-900 thousand USD) per ad after his time on the show. In Korea alone, he has earned over ten million dollars through work in over 15 advertisement deals.

In the midst of the drama’s popularity, he also kicked off a seven-country, nine-city Asian tour in Seoul last March, bringing out a total of 50,000 adoring fans. At an average of around 130 thousand KRW (120 USD) per ticket, Kim Soo Hyun brought in around 6.5 billion KRW (5.9 million USD) from the event.

Kim Soo Hyun also cashed in on “My Love From the Stars’” popularity in China, making 500 million KRW (450 thousand USD) for a single appearance on a popular Chinese entertainment program with the opportunity to fly there in style on a private jet. When considering his total earnings in China, however, this number is actually quite small. All told, Kim Soo Hyun has filmed over 30 ads in China, raking in over what is said to be a near 90 billion KRW (81 million USD) in profits.

Kim Soo Hyun's net worth