Soompi’s Best K-Pop MVs of 2014

Whether it was the Old West, Where’s Waldo?, or giant water bottles, 2014 definitely offered up some interesting trends in K-pop MVs. We’ve compiled the entire year’s worth of Soompi music charts to differentiate the best from the rest, and the results can now be seen in the 2014 Soompi Awards nominees – the final vote is up to you!

Here, the Soompi staff shares with you which music videos they’ll be voting for, and why. Presenting the Best K-Pop MVs of 2014: Check them out now!

EXO, “Overdose”

I’ll be voting for “Overdose” in the 2014 Soompi Awards for several different reasons, none of which really have to do with the fact that EXO is my favorite group because there’s no such thing as bias, right? Right?! Bias aside, I find that the music video was well-shot and picked up on what EXO did last year with the first “Growl” music video with the almost continuous shoot. Even though there was a mildly confusing intro and outro that took some theories to make sense of, “Overdose” was shot as the dance video that it deserved. There were no cuts to individuals like in most other music videos, so the choreography was visible 95 percent of the time. All in all, it can’t be denied that “Overdose” was one of the most successful songs and videos in 2014, grossing 45 million views on YouTube so far.

– bluephoenix1919

Sistar, “Touch My Body”

If you like your music videos to be saturated with great visuals and bright colors, the nation’s sexy girl group Sistar’s “Touch My Body” will be your best MV of the year, hands down. Not only are the girls absolutely gorgeous as always, the minimalistic yet eye-catching aesthetic of the MV completely draws you in! The song itself is addictive and the sexy choreography is perfect for Sistar. Best enjoyed in HD (seriously, the experience is completely different in HD), the MV takes you right back to a nice, hot summer no matter what time of the year you’re watching it. Sistar’s “Touch My Body” definitely has my vote for Best Music Video of 2014!

– kiddy_days

HyunA, “Red”

HyunA has never looked better than this! Everyone’s favorite trouble maker stars in this extremely fun music video full of innuendo, stuffed monkeys, and some gorgeous makeup. Also don’t forget the awesome backdancers who show off some impressive moves. Incorporating a widely-known nuersery rhyme in the cheekiest way possible, HyunA lets it be known that yes, HyunA is Red.

– ddangha

Big Bottle, “Stress Come On!”

Three reasons why I think “Stress Come On!” is this year’s best music video:

1. Because there’s nothing better than male idols letting it loose and relieving their stress. Sure, in rather unusual and hilarious ways, but that’s even better.
2. Bromance. Bromance always wins. (Jackson riding N’s back like a boss – oh yes.)
3. The music video provides more bang for the buck than most K-Pop videos. Sometimes you just need four men, matching outfits, and four water bottles.

Votes Come On!

– an0ya

TaeTiSeo, “Holler”

I love TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” music video because although the music itself is different than “Twinkle,” it still has this bright, playful, yet elegant vibe to it. I think all of the scenes and locations are just so beautifully decorated. With the bright colors and the gorgeous members, the entire scene just glows and glistens. Honestly, I have to give them props because the members literally change their outfits about 11 times. Overall, each scene and location is just on point with the melody and energy of the music, while showcasing the members’ individual beauty.

– bubblybribri

Orange Caramel, “My Copycat”

Are you still looking for Seho too? The madcap “Where’s Waldo” scenes in “My Copycat” are reason enough for me to give Orange Caramel the MV vote for 2014. Nuns, breakdancers, Ping-Pong players, and a gigantic teddy bear are just a few of the many characters occupying tiny portions of the screen, in an engaging live-action display that brings the original childhood staple to life. The song, with its infectious beep-beep beats and synth-laden refrain, is also a clear standout. I love Orange Caramel because since their 2010 debut, they’ve always kept on doing their own insane thing, irrespective of popular trends. You go, Raina, Lizzy, and Nana! (And please, always keep working with Digipedi Studio for your MVs!)

– melkimx

2PM, “Go Crazy”

2PM always knows how to party and “Go Crazy” is proof of that.The song is catchy, the dance is great to try, and the video is mad fun. How can you go wrong with it? Plus, you can’t help but be amused by Wooyoung’s sparkly tracksuit!

– small_smiley

g.o.d, “Saturday Night”

I love g.o.d’s “Saturday Night” music video because the story itself and the way the members portray this is so hilarious. Although they were a hugely popular boy band in the 90s and continue to be popular, they aren’t afraid to just show their crazy and ridiculous sides. In this music video, they wear wigs and ridiculous outfits while doing crazy dances. They go all out! It’s funny how in the music video, they act like they are successful, when in reality, it’s nothing even close to what they described to one another. It’s cheesy and corny, but that’s what makes this music video so epic and hysterical because most K-pop music videos nowadays aren’t like this. It is hilarious seeing almost middle-aged men dancing to their old 90s boy band songs while screaming. If you haven’t seen the music video, I definitely recommend checking it out!

– bubblybribri

Gain, “Fxxk You”

This is a dark, dark music video, but a strikingly beautiful one that really awed me. Especially notable is the phenomenal usage of color – from Joo Ji Hoon’s grossly yellow suit to the contrast between the strikingly red carpet and Gain’s dark blue coat, the video’s colors also seem to be telling a story of their own. As we see the relationship between Gain and Joo Ji Hoon (her real-life boyfriend!) in a twisted, Im Sang Soo-esque video, one can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong.

– ddangha

Super Junior, “Mamacita”

It’s entertaining, it’s energetic, it’s totally Super Junior. The music video for “Mamacita” has everything you love about the group – costumes, comedy, and creative choreography. The members of Super Junior are never afraid to dress up and look ridiculous, and paired with great comedic timing and overdramatic acting, “Mamacita” is a fun ride from beginning to end.

– crystalcove

2NE1’s “Come Back Home”

“Come Back Home” is more than a dance video or a love story. It is a unique futuristic representation of a very real present-day issue – over-immersion in technology. In classic 2NE1 style, the fashion and visuals of the video are a feast for the eyes, and the members (CL, Minzy, Park Bom, Dara) become rebelling forces that strive to save those stuck in the “virtual fantasy,” in a manner reminiscent of “The Matrix.” The concept and video-editing done by YG chief Yang Hyun Suk himself, this music video is a must-see from 2014.

– jun2yng

Taemin, “Danger”

The reason why I love Taemin’s solo debut with “Danger” is mainly the amazing choreography, which cements Taemin’s reputation as one of the best dancers in K-pop. The motions are spectacular and fluid with the vibrant song reminding me of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits. “Danger” has proven Taemin is not only an adept dancer but also a capable singer with many talents. He also exhibits a powerful performance with his fiery passion which leaves out a memorable music video for 2014.

– josephhoang

Block B, “Her”

I’ll be honest – I thought Block B had reached its peak with 2013’s “Very Good.” At one point, you could barely walk down the street in Seoul without hearing the song being pumped out of the speakers at some store, and everyone seemed to be singing it or humming it for months after it dropped. And of course, the stylish video was something special. I was not sure that the boys could ever actually better their 2013 hit. But with “Her,” Block B managed to produce a music video that almost made you forget that “Very Good” ever happened. This is an MV that works on so many levels; it’s like a music video within a music video, and every time you watch it, you notice something new. Laced with wit, incredible hyperreal images and some nifty dance moves, there is only one thing that can top it – the song itself.

– timmydee

JYJ, “Backseat”

JYJ brings sexy back in their “Backseat” MV and it’s downright sizzling! From a smooth, catchy beat to suave moves on and off the dance floor, what’s not to love? Add in some sleek cars, dark eye makeup, and mesmerizing light shows throughout the entire three and a half minutes of pure amazing, there’s no doubt that JYJ gets my vote for best MV.

– akinahana89

soompi awards 2014 screenshot

That’s it for our Best K-pop MVs of 2014. Make sure you go and vote, now! And if there were any that you think should be included in this list, let us know in the comments section below!

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