M!Countdown Christmas Special: A Pink Wins Again With “LUV”

Today’s M!Countdown was a Christmas special episode and was hosted by GOT7‘s JB, Jr. and Jackson.

A Pink, while they didn’t appear on the show this week, took home their second M!Countdown win for “LUV.” This is also their 13th music show win for the song. Congratulations to the girls!


Performances today: Sunmi, GOT7, BTS, Roy Kim, Jooyoung, Red Velvet, Lovelyz, Boys Republic, BIGFLO, ZEST, CLARA, Jo Jung Min, Park Bo Ram, Shannon

Sunmi – “Full Moon” feat. Mark of GOT7

GOT7 – “Stop Stop It” + “A” + “Girls Girls Girls”

BTS – “Just One Day” + “War of Hormone”

Roy Kim – “It’s Christmas”

Jooyoung – “This Christmas”

Red Velvet – “Happiness”

Lovelyz – “Candy Jelly Love” remix

Boys Republic – ”

BIGFLO – “Bad Mama Jama”

ZEST – “My All”


Jo Jung Min – “Dummy Bear”

Park Bo Ram – “BEAUTIFUL” + “Way Back Into Love”

Shannon – “Daybreak Rain”

Pure Boy – “White Snow”

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