Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Take Part in First Shooting for “Hyde, Jekyll, I”

Upcoming SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, I” had their first filming on December 13, and a behind-the-scenes image from the shoot was recently released.

In the image, the two main leads Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min can be seen, each acting out their respective characters. Han Ji Min looks excited in the image as she has her arm linked with Hyun Bin’s. Hyun Bin, on the other hand, has a blank expression on his face.

In the drama, Hyun Bin will play an individual with two personalities, similar to the main character of the classic novel that inspired the source material for the drama. Han Ji Min’s character will be a leader of a circus who will eventually end up helping Hyun Bin with his split identities.

“Hyde, Jekyll, I” will start airing in January after the completion of “Pinocchio.