The studio is full of laughs with this year’s spotlight girl Lee Gook Joo and “beauty macho man” Heo Kyung Hwan joining the hosts in episode 36 of “Get It Beauty!” Both comedians bring makeup tips to the table for this holiday season.

Heo Kyung Hwan’s tips are for standing out at holiday hot spots like clubs and concerts! First, use subtle shimmer rather than super glittery makeup because the latter can be a bit too much when going out. Second, don’t focus on just your eyes, but also your lips to create a two-point makeup look rather than one!

So Lee Gook Joo brings the holiday editions of twelve various brands for the hosts to choose their picks from. Remember those advent calendars that had a piece of chocolate or treat for each day before Christmas? Well Lee Gook Joo shows the makeup equivalent of that. Altogether, it contains 24 compact makeup musts for a small makeup bag!


Han Ye Seul’s makeup artist Park Sun Mi joins the hosts to show how she creates the “Birth of a Beauty” star’s makeup! Here are the main tips for Han Ye Seul’s “Dab! Dab!” eye makeup:

  1. Use the small sponge-tip applicators that tend to come with eyeshadows! Spread a lighter brown eyeshadow on the eyelid before dabbing a darker brown eyeshadow along the lash line. Use the pointed end to spread the darker color and wing it out.
  2. Tightline with eyeliner first to prevent it from going too high, then make a wing in line with your eyes.
  3. Apply subtle fake eyelashes, mascara, and a transparent mascara fixer to prevent fallout later.
  4. Add a nice ivory shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes and the same darker brown eyeshadow from before to the outside corner.


Park Sun Mi continues on to take the look from simple beauty to a quick party look!


This segment of “Up & Down” marks the last one of the year!

Kim Ji Min’s team showcases first a ten-minute lifter and an eye fat maker. The lifter patch is placed on wrinkles and it forms a sort of net, tightening the wrinkles. The eye fat maker brings back the youthful look time takes away. Just spread it lightly over the bottom lid to plumpen it up! Kim Ji Min’s second item is a handy tool for makeup beginners! It’s an adhesive fallout catcher!

Kim Jae Kyung’s team presents a great item if you have scars on your face or anywhere else. This “Siliconcealer” fills in those areas with a mixture of, you guessed it, silicone and concealer to even out the skin. Kim Jae Kyung’s final item is a “Faint perfume.” The aroma helps relax the brain and can be sprayed lightly on a pillow, in the air, or on your pulse to aid in relaxation and sleep.

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