Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee Expresses Disappointment Over His Performance for 2014 KBS Song Festival

Fly to the Sky‘s Hwanhee expressed his disappointment over his own performance on last night’s 2014 KBS Song Festival.

Hwanhee performed a duet with Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon and another duet with Im Chang Jung on the show, both during which he was not at his best.

After the year-end show, Hwanhee went on his Twitter account to express how he felt over his performance and wrote, “It’s my first Song Festival in a while, but.. After performing for our concert and (earlier) for a performance I just… I want to be a singing machine but I’m just human. I will recharge and show a proper performance (next time). Have a good night everybody.”

Meanwhile, Fly to the Sky and Gummy just finished a 3-day joint concert entitled “The Attraction” last December 23-25.


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