Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – December Week 5

While the year is winding down, the top drama moments are not. As usual, they are a mix of funny, heartbreaking, and romantic scenes – just like our favorite K-drama.

1. “Pride and Prejudice“: A lifetime begins with ten seconds

Just because Dong Chi and Yeol Moo spend most of their time uncovering truths and seeking justice doesn’t mean that they can’t carve out some time to make out, right? So we jumped with joy when after seventeen episodes, Yeol Moo finally allowed herself some happiness and suggested that they date. When he teased that he needed to respond in a way she would never forget, she replied that she’d give him ten seconds to achieve that goal. And with that, he pulled her close to him and gave her a very sensual kiss. SQUEE! And he’s right, not only will she never forget that kiss, neither will we! As expected, Choi Jin Hyuk does not disappoint. Are we the only ones who’ve turned on the fan?

2. “Punch“: There’s no honor among thieves

Dirty Attorney General Lee Tae Joon‘s burdensome older brother gets himself into a pickle when he murders someone, and his younger brother will do anything to save him. He’s horrified when his underling, Jo Gang Jae, suggests that they frame his former disciple and clean-up guy Jung Hwan‘s ex-wife for the crime. That’s until he learns that he’s in a coma.

He rushes off to the hospital and laments that he’s leaving him too soon. However, after confirming with the doctor that he will never come out of the coma, he decides to go with the plan to save his brother by essentially making his beloved Jung Hwan’s daughter an orphan. He acts like it’s such a difficult decision for him but for us, it just reinforces the old adage that those who lie down with dogs will get up with fleas.

3. “Pinocchio“: Throwing down the gauntlet

Another plant explosion is at the forefront of the news. The incident harkens similarities to the fire that took the life of Ha Myung‘s father. His feeling of déjà vu deepens when, much like his father years ago, his friend Chan Soo finds himself being used by reporter Cha Ok to shift the media’s attention away from the source of the fire.

As Beom Jo and In Ha accuse her of presenting baseless proof to put suspicion on Chan Soo, Cha Ok challenges them to show evidence of his innocence. Surprising Cha Ok, Ha Myung steps up to the challenge, threatening her that he’ll direct the flow of the news to its right place.

This is a powerful ending to episode 14, and we don’t feel bad about enjoying the fear on Cha Ok’s face when Ha Myung went up against her. Her worry isn’t unfounded as Ha Myung has proven several times that he’s a determined, formidable reporter, and we look forward to In Ha and Beom Jo combining their journalistic efforts with him to clear Chan Soo’s name and take down Cha Ok.

4. “Healer”: Accidental Hugs

This week our Healer, Jung-Woo, once again saved Young-Shin from thugs. Stalling until the cops arrived, he prevented them from harming her. Bending down behind her to help open her medication, he whispered: “How many?” and gently placed the pills in her palm. As she turned to look at him after swallowing her medication, he pulled her against his chest.

While we realize the purpose of his hug was to keep her from seeing his face, we squealed out loud anyway. More, Healer! More!

5. “What’s With This Family?: Love in the club

The family dons school uniforms and gathers to party in the club to fulfill Papa Cha‘s sixth request. It’s a beautiful scene to cap a lovely episode and we share in their joy as we watch almost everyone let go of their inhibitions and have fun. And to top if off, couple after couple kiss to ring in the new year.

But the awkwardly hilarious couple of Gang Sim and Tae Joo refuse to be outdone. So she grabs his hand, pulls him outside and asks to marry him. WHAT? We can’t wait to see how he responds.

6. “Rosy Lovers”: You’re Not Her Mother! 

On Rosy Lovers, Jang-Mi decided it was her right to kidnap her biological daughter, Cho Rong, and take her for an overnight trip without permission. When Cha-Dol discovers this, he rushes after them, but ends up letting Cho Rong stay with Jang-Mi since no other rooms are available and they missed the last ferry. It’s hard for him to watch Jang-Mi playing “Mommy,” showing concern that Cho Rong is cold, when she walked out and left their few-weeks-old baby girl screaming alone on a cold floor.

This poor guy is still being put through hell by his selfish ex and we’re still hoping he doesn’t get stuck with her at the end but Writer-Nim is probably not listening to us. MEH!


7. “Mr. Baek”: When It’s Meant To Be

On the night he literally disappeared, Ha Soo promised that she would wait for him, and earnestly prayed for his return. Fortunately she did not have to wait too long, a year after he vanished, Choi Shin Hyung resurfaced in Canada. Although, he no longer remembers his identity or their relationship, their love still lives on. In a room filled with pictures of their past together, Shin Hyung recognizes Ha Soo as the woman he loved, and you could feel their love story begin again.

Too bad this was the finale, we wish we could see these two rebuild their lives together. Nevertheless we wish them happiness and will continue to cheer them on.


8. Sweden Laundry: Beware of Fangirls

At Eun Sol’s behest, Soo Chul, as acting president of her fan club, must confront the fangirls of a popular boy group, Tank Top. These fangirls are highly upset that Eun Sol put up a picture of her and the members online and left hateful remarks to show their anger. Soo Chul meets these little girls warning them to stop harassing Eun Sol, but things go south when he calls their oppas losers and incurs their wrath. The relentless girls chase him up a pole where he must wait for the irate group of fangirls to dissipate. LOL.


9. ” The Legendary Witch“: Blessing in disguise

Victim of another contemptible act by her in-laws, Moon Soo In‘s dream seemed to be coming to an end, but thanks to Poong Geum, who is able to convince their former cellmate Young Ok to invest in Soo In’s business, she is able to have her own brick and mortar store.

Joo Ran had Soo In’s truck stolen with ill intent, however, and her actions have spurred Soo In on to her next chapter of success and one step closer to fulfilling her revenge against the Ma family. We love it when the heroine can use her haters as a stepping stone to the top.


10. “Valid Love“: What I Want Right Now 

Far from dead, but barely alive, Hee Soo is trapped in her body. Her only mode of communication is through blinking, and will most likely never properly express her feelings or desires. Yet, while kept in the confines of her hospital room, suffering through a high fever and quite possibly pneumonia, in thought and spirit, she dances through the hospital’s corridor. Her dance conveys her yearning to dance, eat, and call out Il Ri’s name.

Hee Soo’s dance of longing is the culmination of the unspoken desires and sentiments of the characters in this drama. It projects feelings of restlessness and wanting to get away, but reality holds them back.

From skinships that makes us melt in the dead of winter to sorrowful scenes that cause us to contemplate the sobriety of life with every shade of comedy and angst thrown in, these scenes promise a roller coaster of emotions that will carry us well into the New Year. This was Couch Kimchi’s Top 10, let us know yours and we’ll see you in the next one!

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