Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye Laugh Merrily in “Pinocchio” Behind the Scenes Cut

Pictures from behind the scenes of the “Pinocchio” Christmas episode have been released.

The still from the set shows actor Lee Jong Suk lying entangled atop Byun Hee Bong. The scene called for Lee Jong Suk to fall on top of the elderly actor, but Lee Jong Suk still felt uncomfortable putting his weight on his senior actor, which is why he jumped up as soon as the director yelled, “cut.” Seeing this, everyone on the set broke into laughter, but the laughter didn’t end there.

Lee Jong Suk was pretty much a comedian throughout the entire shoot. He knelt during breaks, pretending to be drunk as he laughed. He also made jokes which had Park Shin Hye grinning and laughing in mirth.

“The set was full of laughter,” said a staff member. “The schedule was tight, but the staff and cast had a lot of fun. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye especially put a smile on everyone’s face as they tried to brighten up every set and scene.”

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