Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 16

Interests collide in episode 16 of “Birth of a Beauty.” Han Min Hyuk puts Han Tae Hee in a short-term coma in order to try taking down Winner Food, and Lee Kang Joon assists him with the interest of stopping the couple’s wedding. Even though Gyo Chae Yun also wants to stop the wedding, it ends up obviously hurting Han Tae Hee physically and not being exactly beneficial for her. However, this setback seems to have officially crippled Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee’s relationship.

1. Madam Park once again demands that Sa Ra leave Han Tae Hee.


Though Madam Park had banned Sa Ra from her grandson’s hospital room, she allows the woman to remain by Han Tae Hee’s side because Sa Ra’s presence turns out to aid the healing process. Once he is out, however, she is to leave him. Although she is obviously hurt by this, Sa Ra thinks back to Madam Park’s previous question of whether or not her relationship with Han Tae Hee would hurt him. She realizes it does and will continue to do so unless she leaves.

Han Min Hyuk later places studying abroad on the table for Sa Ra—in his own interests of getting her away from Han Tae Hee—as a responsibility of her becoming the new model of Winner Group. Though hesitant at first, Sa Ra eventually takes the offer to protect Han Tae Hee.

2. Sa Ra breaks off the engagement.


Though her hand was somewhat forced, Sa Ra puts an end to her and Han Tae Hee’s relationship, first saying that she must go abroad for Winner Group. Confused, Han Tae Hee tries awkwardly asking for more of an explanation, but the “reality” is a little harsh. Sa Ra tells him that she doesn’t want to ever remarry and just wants to live her new life with her new body. Han Tae Hee tries to salvage the situation, even saying they can just stay together without marrying, but Sa Ra is firm in her resolve.

3. Gyo Chae Yun makes a spectacle of her impending divorce.


Tears and all, Gyo Chae Yun holds a sort of press conference announcing her divorce from Lee Kang Joon. Though she tries her best to “keep her family together,” her husband’s affair is just too much. When asked if the other woman is a celebrity, Gyo Chae Yun graciously keeps Sa Ra anonymous when she confirms. To make herself look even more like the victim, Gyo Chae Yun also says that her husband is trying to steal her property.

4. Shim Yeo Ok leaves Sa Ra a voicemail of encouragement.


Upon learning of the divorce of Gyo Chae Yun and Lee Kang Joon, the affair, and the her daughter’s break up, Shim Yeo Ok puts two and two together and tries to call Sa Ra. However, the first thing she says when she leaves a message is, “It’s Mom, Sa Geum Ran.” Being the mother that she is, Shim Yeo Ok leaves strong words of encouragement, and she makes it clear that she is on her daughter’s side and supports her.

5. Han Tae Hee rushes to the airport to try and stop Sa Ra from leaving…


When he learns that Sa Ra’s flight is that day, Han Tae Hee races to the airport in hopes of stopping her. Reaching an information desk, he gives Sa Ra’s flight number and asks the woman if she can call Sa Ra over the intercom. However, the employee finds that the flight has already left. The scene then shows a plane—presumably Sa Ra’s flight—leaving the runway.

A cliché moment that everyone knows the end to.

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