Lee Hi’s Look-Alike Sister Makes Surprise Appearance on “Healing Camp”

Singer Lee Hi revealed her look-alike sister through “Healing Camp.”

In the most recent filming of the SBS variety show “Healing Camp,” several past participants of audition show “K-Pop Star” appeared as guests. When many of them started to tear up while talking about times they were sorry to their family, Lee Hi’s sister made a surprise visit to the studio.

During the filming, Lee Hi confessed she often felt comfort and support from her sister, who is also walking the path of a singer. She said she was able to come this far in her career because her sister had cheered her on whenever their parents discouraged her dreams.

lee hi healing camp 1

It was when Lee Hi was talking about her sister that she actually appeared at the studio. Lee Hi, surprised yet pleased to see her sister, welcomed her with a bright smile. Afterwards, the young star performed a song for her family, deeply moving her sister.

Other touching stories of the families of the K-pop stars were revealed as well. These will be revealed on December 29 through SBS’s “Healing Camp.”

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