Song Il Gook Thinks He’ll Get Hit If He Tells His Wife He Wants a Daughter

At a “Superman Returns” year-end party, Song Il Gook was asked if he was envious of other fathers on the show. He chose Chu Sung Hoon and Tablo, who are both raising daughters. He shared, “Honestly, I was really hoping one of the triplets would be a girl, but all three came out sons.”

He continued by saying, “I can’t seriously ask my wife about having a daughter. If I were to bring it up, I think I would get hit,” making everyone laugh.

On the episode that aired on December 28, Song Il Gook was shown spending time with Chu Sarang and completely falling for her, even saying “I want a daughter just like Sarang.”

Fans of the show will remember Song Il Gook previously mentioning that he already had names picked out for any daughters he may have: Woo Ri and Na Ra. Combined with the triplets’ names, the five names would make a patriotic cheer.