Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 17

Birth of a Beauty resumes with Sa Ra abandoning her revenge course to protect Tae Hee. I’ll be honest- her decision isn’t a noble sacrifice. It is rather cowardice by simply giving up and letting the villains getting away unpunished, from attempted murder to real estate fraud. The story development is being replaced by makjang fillers and there aren’t any substantial improvement on the plot starting from Winner Group’s takeover. I really hope the plot will be returning to its roots soon with satisfying retribution including comic relief leading up to the show’s finale.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 17 1

1. Sa Ra goes into hiding.

Sa Ra seemingly leaves for the airport for an opportunity at work. Actually, she has planned on returning to her mother and reuniting with her friend Gyung Joo in order to live peacefully in her hometown. Sa Ra strongly believes the breakup will help Tae Hee avoid getting hurt from Kang Joon. Unfortunately, she isn’t aware how much trouble Min Hyeok will be for his half-brother in return.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 17 2

2. Chae Yeon threatens Kang Joon for the building ownership.

Chae Yeon is planning to win the heart of Tae Hee once more and decides to cut ties with Kang Joon by threatening him. She holds evidence from the black box of his vehicle recording the night he tried killing his wife. Kang Joon negotiates with her about the building property and ultimately transfers the ownership under Chae Yeon’s name.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 17 3

3. Kang Joon is suspended from work due to business controversy.

The cheating husband has received a three-month suspension from a disciplinary committee organized by the Director’s board of the broadcasting company HBS. He was reprimanded for manipulating some footage about Tae Hee’s mother.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 17 4

4. The Lee family receives evidence of Kang Joon’s crimes.

As a way to undermine Kang Joon in return for the building lease and a divorce, Chae Yeon sends evidence to his family about his involvement in the murder of Sa Geum Ran.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 17 5

5. Sa Ra raises her white flag and surrenders.

After losing everything due to Chae Yeon, Kang Joon threatens Sa Ra for a false testimony in case he would be interrogated by the authorities for negligent driving and attempted murder. On the side, Sa Ra has realized her breakup with Tae Hee is leading Winner Food to bankruptcy. Min Hyeok is planning to use Sa Ra’s personal life against Tae Hee and have him framed for illegal corporate funding. As a last resort, Sa Ra joins hands with Min Hyeok in order to save the company and Tae Hee from being prosecuted.

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