BEAST’s Lee Gikwang Asked 4Minute’s Gayoon to Call Him Oppa Despite Minimal Age Difference

4Minute‘s Heo Gayoon has revealed that her fellow Cube Family member Lee Kikwang asked her to call him oppa despite their minimal age difference.

During a recent filming of KBS2TV’s “Happy Together 3,” Heo Gayoon opened up about her relationship with BEAST‘s Lee Kikwang. She said, “I first met Kikwang back when I was a trainee, but it was awkward trying to decide how we should call each other.”

“As Kikwang oppa and I were born in the same year, I told him we should be friends [and call each other by name]. However, Kikwang oppa approached me cautiously and asked me to call him oppa. Actually, our birthdays are only 40 days apart, but as he was born early in the year, he acts like an oppa,” she explained, making Lee Kikwang embarrassed over the sudden revelation.

The 4Minute member added, “Kikwang oppa always adds ‘Oppa did this~’ and ‘Oppa did that~’ to his speech,” and drew laughter with her comment.

This episode of “Happy Together 3” will air on January 1 at 11:10 p.m.