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This week, we only have one episode of “Pinocchio,” but we cover a lot of ground, as conspiracies are discovered and relationships transform.

These were my five favorite scenes of “Pinocchio” episode 15:

1. “Who’s the good reporter?”

It’s true that Hyung’s received a personality transplant in these last few episodes, going from unhinged mass murderer to kindly inmate, but it’s such an improvement that I don’t mind. And I just love his scenes with Dal Po. This one, in which Dal Po promises that he’s the good reporter who will keep history from repeating, is especially sweet.

pinocchio 15 yoon kyun sang 1 finalpinocchio 15 lee jong suk 1 finalpinocchio 15 yoon kyun sang 2 final

2. Song Cha Ok keeps saying “evidence,” but I don’t think she knows what it means

Honestly, every argument Cha Ok has with our newbies in this episode makes me angry. Her method of journalism is basically to wildly extrapolate from minimal facts and then make other people prove that she’s wrong—and instead of pointing out to her that her edited CCTV footage doesn’t actually count as evidence proving any theory, Dal Po and In Ha just promise that they’ll find better evidence. Even though Cha Ok has no evidence in the first place. (Come on. So there’s a video placing Chan Soo at the site of the fire a day before it happens. In what universe does that prove that the fire is his fault?) But even if I think they could fight better, at least our rookies are fighting.

pinocchio 15 jin kyung 1 finalpinocchio 15 lee jong suk 2 finalpinocchio 15 park shin hye 1 final

3. The secret conspiracy isn’t so secret anymore

On the one hand, I’m really happy that Dal Po has figured out that the story of the fire cover-up is far bigger than just one bad reporter. On the other hand, I’m sort of confused. Park Ro Sa, our resident evil genius, seriously didn’t anticipate how suspicious it would look when all the CCTVs from the area surrounding the factory disappeared at the same time? I find that hard to believe.

pinocchio 15 lee jong suk 3 finalpinocchio 15 jin kyung 2 final

4. “Why do you have to be sorry?”

Finally, a scene where I can completely agree with Bum Jo! He is, of course, 100% correct—In Ha is not even slightly responsible for anything her mother has done. I can understand why In Ha feels guilty, but she has no reason to, and I’m so glad that Bum Jo told her so, even if she wasn’t ready to believe it (I just hope that Bum Jo will be able to remember this conversation when news of his own mother’s activities comes to light).

pinocchio 15 park shin hye 2 finalpinocchio 15 kim young kwang final

5. Broken-up no more!

I guess now is the time to say that I never really understood why In Ha and Dal Po broke up. I mean, I understand why they said that they broke up—so that Dal Po could fight Cha Ok without feeling conflicted because of In Ha. But since In Ha was fighting Cha Ok right alongside Dal Po, that reason didn’t really work for me. It felt manufactured, like the writer wanted them to be apart for a while but couldn’t quite think of a reason. But now that doesn’t matter, because In Ha and Dal Po have realized that they simply can’t stay apart. Yay!

pinocchio 15 lee jong suk 4 finalpinocchio 15 lee jong suk park shin hye finalpinocchio 15 park shin hye 3 finalpinocchio 15 lee jong suk park shin hye 2 final

What did you think of this week’s “Pinocchio”? Let us know in the comments below!

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