Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 19

It’s been a long ride together and we’re almost at the end for “Birth of a Beauty”. With the painful fillers airing last week, this episode brings a lot of improvement on the storyline and we are setting course for the conclusion of Sa Ra’s revenge. I’m glad our separated couple managed to unite again and turn the odds in their favor. With so much greed and satisfaction, I foresee Min Hyuk being expelled from the company with his mother through a shareholder’s meeting. Eventually, Chae Yeon and Kang Joon would be imprisoned or sent away in the United States building a new life together without fame and wealth as an atonement for their crimes.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 19 1

1) Tae Hee learns Sa Ra’s true motive.

Tae Hee eavesdropped Kang Joon’s threatening conversation with Sa Ra. He finally understands Sa Ra was helping him out of compassion at the risk of getting caught by his nemesis Min Hyuk. Despite Kang Joon’s attempt of blackmailing his wife for the talk show, Tae Hee finally assembles the pieces and gets the hint that Sa Ra was getting ahead fighting her battles alone for the sake of protecting him.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 19 2

2) Sa Ra organizes a press conference.

Without Min Hyuk’s permission, Sa Ra summoned half the company for a press conference revealing her true identity. She stated she was a common housewife for many years and believed plastic surgery would be the answer for gaining happiness and confidence. In time, she realized her outer beauty wasn’t everything, and in truth, she was trying to find her true self. Without mentioning names, she bravely confronted the reporters while baiting Kang Joon, Chae Yeon and Min Hyuk into a trap.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 19 3

3) Kang Joon and Chae Yeon are cornered.

With no more cards left to play, Chae Yeon is deeply worried her complicity with Kang Joon would be revealed to the public and feels taunted by Sa Ra from the conference event. Kang Joon admits the ongoing fight will be difficult from now on. He is digging through Tae Hee’s documents for any signs of illegal activities as a last resort.

4) The Lee family discovers Sa Ra’s true identity.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 19 4

Meanwhile, the in-laws learn Sa Ra was deceiving them all along after watching the press conference. They suddenly feel embarrassed after revealing to Sa Ra they were trash talking and abusing Sa Geum Ran. Shameless and overprotective, the mother-in law begs forgiveness to Sa Geum Ran’s mother for her predicament and requests her son to be saved from the authorities.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 19 5

5) Sa Ra reunites with Tae Hee.

After a week of heartache and misunderstanding, our lovely couple finally make amends and are gettting back together for the big finale!

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