GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Youngji Bicker About Marriage on “Roommate”

The maknae line of SBS variety program “Roommate,” GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Youngji, recently caused laughter after getting into a cute argument.

On the January 6 broadcast of “Roommate,” Lee Gook Joo made a joking statement: “I’m getting married to Lee Dong Wook.”

After hearing this, Jackson asked her, “Mom, then is Lee Dong Wook hyung my dad?” while Youngji joked back, “[Lee Gook Joo] unni, I’m getting married too.”

In response to Youngji’s statement, Jackson said, “Why would you get married?” The KARA member argued back, “I am going to [get married] 10 years from now.”

The GOT7 member then asked, “Who are you going to marry?” to which Youngji stated, “It’s a secret.” Lee Gook Joo chimed in, “Are you going to marry Jackson?” after listening in on their bickering. However, Youngji answered, “It’s not Jackson,” with an appalled expression on her face. Jackson also fought back, saying, “I’m not going to marry you either,” as they carried out a cute quarrel.

Lee Gook Joo, who had been observing their argument, warned, “If you keep fighting like that, you’re going to end up married,” which caused the two maknaes to look at each other and say, “It’s not [going to be] you,” making everyone burst into laughter.
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