EXID Wins on Music Bank With “Up & Down”

EXID took home their first ever Music Bank win this week with “Up & Down,” overtaking A Pink‘s “LUV” for the top spot.

Since their M!Countdown win yesterday was not a live performance broadcast, this was their first time receiving the trophy on stage. As expected, the EXID members show their tears while thanking fans and everyone that has supported them.

Congratulations to EXID! Will they be able to continue their win streak this weekend?


SHINee‘s Jonghyun had his solo debut stage with “Deja-Boo” and “Crazy.” Comeback stages by HALO, HIGH4, LU:KUS, Mad Clown, Navi, Noel and The Seeya.More performances by BTOB, NC.A, 4TEN, FlaShe, Hello Venus, and SONAMOO.

Jonghyun – “Deja-Boo” and “Crazy”

Noel – “Your Voice”

Mad Clown – “Battle Cry” + “Fire”

EXID – “Up & Down”

BTOB – “The Winter’s Tale”

NC.A – “Coming Soon”

Navi – “At The Han”

Hello Venus – “Wiggle”

SONAMOO – “Deja Vu”

4TEN – “Why”

The Seeya – “Love Song”

HALO – “Surprise”

HIGH4 – “Day By Day”

FlaShe – “My Day”

LU:KUS – “Break Ya”

Jo Jung Min – “Dummy Bear”

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