New Stills Show It’s Park Shin Hye’s Turn to Care for Lee Jong Suk in Upcoming “Pinocchio” Episode

In the most recent stills revealed from the SBS drama “Pinocchio,” Park Shin Hye shaves an injured Lee Jong Suk. Previously, we saw Lee Jong Suk treat an injured Park Shin Hye after she hurts her ankles.

With his right arm in a sling, Ki Ha Myeong (Lee Jong Suk) has trouble shaving alone, which is why Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) picks up the razor for him. She then applies shaving cream on his face and continues to shave Ha Myeong’s face.

The act of shaving may seem mundane, but the way that Park Shin Hye does it so affectionately shines a light on the forbidden romance between them. Their eyes lock as she has her right arm over Lee Jong Suk’s shoulder and the other hand gently stroking his face with the razor.

With only three episodes left before the end of the series, it still remains to be seen whether or not Ha Myeong and In Ha will have a happy ending.

“Pinocchio” will air two episodes (episodes 18 and 19) back to back on Wednesday, January 14, and the finale will air the next day on January 15.

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