Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - January Week 2

So far, 2015 continues to be good to us K-drama lovers. There were so many memorable scenes to choose from this past week, so, there’s something for almost everyone in our latest top 10.

1. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Does this count as second lead syndrome?

The story of Cha Do Hyun and his seven personalities began this week, and we’re already in love … but with one of his split personalities. His alter, Shin Se Gi, takes over at a nightclub and ends up fighting over a motorcycle jacket, which he stole. After the brawl, Doctor Oh Ri Jin laughs at his cringe-worthy lines but takes him inside the hospital where she works to tend to his wounds. Telling him to undress so she can check his ribs, she turns around to find him completely naked.

Reading her name tag, which shows she’s a psychiatrist, he announces they might have a bad fate and she agrees completely. The way he stares at her is both creepy and smexy at the same time. Is it possible we’ve fallen for one of his side personalities? Ottoke?

2. “Healer”: Makeover fears and cuteness

Recently on “Healer,” our OTP was forced to dress appropriately for an engagement party to sneak into a press conference. Young Shin seemed excited to be going “undercover” as a real reporter while our Healer, Jung Hoo, was uncomfortable having so many stylists touch him. When he tried to escape, they dragged him back and the end result was major hotness that almost burned our screens. These two are perfection!


3. “Pinocchio“: Kids rule

It’s February 2014, and the world’s eyes are on the Sochi Olympics. In Korea, the major news networks will soon overrun the airwaves with Olympic coverage, threatening to bury the story about the recent waste plant explosion; however, Ha Myung and In Ha fight to keep it from being forgotten.

During a double-booked dinner that’s attended by the YGN and MSC staff, Ha Myung and In Ha engage their seniors in a debate: Report news that the public wants or news that people should see. In Ha argues that even if it is “old” news, it is their responsibility to give answers to the victims’ families by keeping the story about the fire in the forefront. While she firmly stands up for her thoughts, the tide in the room isn’t completely with her, but Ha Myung gives an epic schooling to everyone, especially respected director Lee Young Tak, who reluctantly believes that a story people want to see is more important.

Ha Myung tells his sunbae, Hyun Kyu, that he has both good and bad news for him. Hyun Kyu chooses the good news first, and when he learns that he’ll be getting idol concert tickets, he shrills like a fangirl. His excitement quickly blows out though when Ha Myung delivers the bad news: Sunbae has pancreatic cancer. Soon, Hyun Kyu and the others wonder why Ha Myung didn’t tell him right away, but the young genius counters that it wasn’t the news sunbae wanted to hear first. Fortunately, it’s only a joke, and although Hyun Kyu and Lee Young Tak feel they’ve been played with, his harsh lesson reminds everyone of their priorities as reporters. The lesson also pays off when Director Lee diverts the YGN staff’s energy into the plant explosion coverage, which leads to Chan Soo being cleared of blame and to further investigation of the real parties involved.

4. “Birth of a Beauty“: I still want to marry you

The lovebirds are back together again and realize that they are unstoppable together, so, the natural next step is to officially become one. Upon seeing that Tae Hee didn’t give up on her after she broke up with him and disappeared, Sa Geum Ran prepares a beautiful proposal for him. Of course, his answer is yes! Yay! The only thing missing is a kiss to seal the deal, but we’ll make do with a hug.


5. “The Legendary Witch“: I need you to want me

Woo Suk is quick to capitalize on Soo In‘s confession and uses his injury as an excuse to get her to take care of him. First, he guilts her into walking arm-in-arm, then he gets her to feed him. However, when he tries to get her to wash his face, his daughter, Byul, volunteers for the task. Despite his protest, the happy family atmosphere is hard to ignore.

We haven’t seen Soo In smile so much in one episode! Dating seems to be doing good for her and Woo Suk.

6. “Punch“: I’ll die for you

The worst kind of villain is delusional. You know, the type who only sees things from his perspective and is blind to his own faults.

Tae Joon is determined to force Jung Hwan to remain his puppet despite sacrificing his family to protect his incompetent, murderous brother, Tae Sub. However, things come to a head when Jung Hwan’s relentless ex-wife refuses to sing to his tune and sets her sights on exposing corruption involving the brothers.

All the characters in this drama sacrifice their ethics, integrity, and their promise to uphold the law in order to protect their family, and Tae Sub makes the ultimate sacrifice with his life as he realizes that the only way to protect his brother is to die. We hesitate to call the commission of suicide a top moment, but it’s definitely a game-changing one as it has upgraded Tae Joon and Jung Hwan’s fight from a battle to the ultimate war. We’re so here for that!

7. “Heart to Heart”: Misery loves company

Yi Suk is a talented psychiatrist, but his personality is terrible. He lacks the ability to empathize with his patients, but his symptoms of ringing in the ears, headaches, and episodes of blacking out during consultations make matters worse. At this rate, it is unclear how he can continue his practice, but the appearance of anthrophobic Hong Do gives him the answer.

While meeting a patient that tried to commit suicide during one of his consultations, his symptoms begin again, but as soon as Hong Do enters the room, his condition gets better. He then drags her in and out of the room, comparing his condition between the time she entered and exited.

His behavior is rude, but has left a smile on our faces. These two really need help, and it’s fantastic they can find it in each other.


8. “The King’s Face”: You reap what you sow

The barbaric samurai, Kinoshita, rounds up all the remaining men in the city with the intent to kill each one. Instead of being a coward and letting a massacre ensue, Kwang Hae reveals his identity as crown prince. Seemingly doomed, his people also identify themselves as crown prince. However, their sacrifice almost seems for naught when Kinoshita summons the face reader that acted as a spy for Japan. Surprisingly, the face reader saves all the men by declaring that they are all fakes.

The loyalty that Kwang Hae commands is frankly amazing, but then again, he has earned it because there has been no political figure more loyal to his people.


9. “Valid Love“: I’m not out yet

A protest becomes a family affair when Hee Tae, Il Ri, her sister, and her brother-in-law fight to pull security off of their activist mother. However, when Joon actually stops the fight and checks on Il Ri’s mother, we see that he won’t be left out on the outside looking in. Hee Tae must have realized this as well as the sight of Joon dusting off his mother-in-law upsets him greatly. It’s also then when Hee Tae has realized he hasn’t totally lost his affections for his wife.

It seems like this is the beginning of the fight for Il Ri’s heart, and we are anxious to see who she will choose!

10. “Spy”: Dating is an important issue

KBS rolled out “Spy” this past week, featuring Jae Joong in the lead role of South Korean agent Seon Woo, who is unaware his mother was once a North Korean operative. In the first two minutes, a white truck of doom tries to take out our gorgeous hero, but his life is spared because of the family photo in his wallet: his Mom’s face is recognized. He sweetly tries to reassure his ladylove, Yoon Jin, not to worry about him being injured during fieldwork since he’s been transferred temporarily to a desk job.

She’s happy, asking if this means they will have more time to date? Hmm, that’s pretty much all we’d be thinking about, too, if this guy were our main squeeze.

That’s all for this week’s top 10. Please drop a comment if you’d like to add on to this list!

Till next time!

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