New “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” Poster Drops Hints at Possible Love Lines

A brand new poster for the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” has been revealed.

On January 13, the drama’s production team unveiled the poster that features the lead cast—Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, and Sung Joon.

To the left of Han Ji Min is the nice side of Hyun Bin’s character, while the bad guy ‘Hyde’ side of Hyun Bin is to the right of the actress.

The poster is also gaining interest as it displays Hyeri and Sung Joon, both staring in opposite directions. Many viewers have expressed their curiosity to know whether this is a hint as to the possible love lines that will be formed in the storyline amongst these characters.

“Hyde, Jekyll, Me” is a romantic comedy that follows the story of a woman who falls into a love triangle with two completely opposite personalities of the same man. It is scheduled to premiere on January 21, following the end of “Pinocchio.”