Lee Kwang Soo Stays Loyal to Current Agency King Kong Entertainment and Renews Contract

It has been revealed that actor Lee Kwang Soo recently renewed his contract with his current agency, King Kong Entertainment.

On January 14, King Kong Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Jin Sung, shared his happiness that the actor, who is not only talented in acting but also possesses a strong sense of humor for variety shows, has made the decision to carry on with the agency. He also explained that the agency will continue to offer endless help and support for the actor in his active promotions.

Lee Kwang Soo first signed with King Kong Entertainment in 2010, and since then, he has appeared in many hit productions and displayed his standout personality through variety shows such as “Running Man,” proving to be an well-rounded entertainer.

The actor expressed, “It feels like just yesterday that I first signed with King Kong Entertainment, but 5 years have already passed by. I want to thank the King Kong family for thinking of me like family and working hard for the past 5 years. I will continue to try my best in the future to be like family members that provide strength to one another.”

King Kong Entertainment is also home to many other stars including Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, Yoo Yeon Suk, Jo Yoon Hee, Lee Jin, Park Min Woo, Kim Ji Won, and more.