Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - January Week 3

What would we do if we didn’t have K-dramas in our lives? Well, this top 10 wouldn’t exist, and we’d probably get a lot more stuff done in real life. In all seriousness though, we wouldn’t even want to imagine our world without our favorite shows. Sadly, this week, we say goodbye to one of our addictions, which has left us with an ending forever burned into our fangirl memories. However, there are still other shows churning out plenty of buzzed-about scenes to sustain our K-entertainment fix.

1. “Pinocchio“: Goodbye is just the beginning

While we are psyched about Hyun Bin making his drama comeback this week, we are also having withdrawals as “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” is set to take over our recent Wednesday-Thursday addiction. “Pinocchio” has given viewers an unforgettable farewell, clinching the show as among our favorite K-dramas. So, it should come as no surprise that this scene is firmly at number one.

With their careers as reporters secure and no longer burdened by the weight of the past, Ha Myung and In Ha have begun preparing for their nuptials, modeling wedding attire in front of their biggest fans, Grandpa Gong Pil and Dad Dal Pyung, who are overwhelmed by their collective pulchritude. However, it’s behind the dressing room curtains where the couple puts on a real show, closing the finale with a lip-lock that’s sure to make everyone’s top 10 kisses of 2015!


2. “Healer”: Romance, hugs, and bugs

Recently on “Healer,” viewers were treated to a movie date, hand-holding, hugging, and even fingers touching lips, which we’re sure elicited excited squealing from everyone. There was also a hilarious discussion of bugs: bug types, bug infestations, bug traveling patterns, and even the size of said bugs, which resulted in our hero sleeping over at Young Shin‘s. We’re hoping the OTP’s forward momentum continues and we get a kiss next … or does that make us greedy?

3. “Heart to Heart”: One beer is all it takes

After finally confessing her affections to the man she’s had a crush on for seven years, Hong Do‘s one-sided love comes to an end when she learns he’ll be getting married. She decides to let him go and gets an invite from her psychiatrist, Yi Suk, for drinks at his place. After she starts swigging a can of beer, the doctor tries to follow suit but she prevents him. It is then that he must have fallen for her charms as he proceeds to kiss her forehead and lips. Eventually, the two move to the bedroom.

It all seems like they’re moving way too fast, but it’s just the beginning of their love story. We anticipate seeing these two grow as individuals and as a couple.


4. “Punch“: Prosecutor of the Month

Punch” continues to thrill us with its endless twists and turns spurred by the characters constantly one-upping each other.

This past week presented us with another game-changer when Tae Joon essentially rendered Jung Hwan powerless by revealing to the world that he only has two months to live. This is exciting because he can no longer rely on others and has to get even more creative to beat Tae Joon. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with!


5. “The Legendary Witch“: 25 episodes in the making

Upset that he is unable to meet the person that will allow him to learn the truth about his past, Woo Suk turns to Soo In for comfort. So, she offers to take him drinking, go to the movies, and sing at a noraebang, but he has something else in mind. He pulls her in for a hug, requesting her warmth but then shuts it down with a kiss! Although she is shy at first, she completely eases right in.

It only took 25 episodes for the OTP to send our giddiness into overdrive! Finally!

6. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: The many problems alter personalities create

Upon learning Dr. Oh Ri Jin is aware of his split personalities, leading man Do Hyun agrees to her request to help repair damage done to her reputation by his alter Shin Se Gi. Following her around the hospital, she briefs him on her co-workers, and he manages to convince each that their relationship is on good terms.

Ri Jin then suddenly realizes how kind Do Hyun is and that he must be lonely since he’s been living his life apologizing for things his alter personalities have done. We’re hoping she’s able to get to the bottom of why his personality split, uncovering the hidden, torturous secrets in his past. Gaaah! This drama is good!


7. “Spy”: Massive invasion of privacy!

Park Hye Rim has just learned her beloved son, Sun Woo, works for the NIS Division of South Korea, which means he’s a spy. Threatened by ex-lover and former boss Hwang Ki Chul into turning her son over to the North Korean side, she refuses and begins keeping track of Sun Woo with the help of her hubby. Through a planted microphone hidden inside Sun Woo’s bag, the parents are forced to listen to their son flirting and making out with his girlfriend Yoo Jin. LOL.

Is it so tough to be a parent and spy these days?


8. “Valid Love“: No going back yet

After constantly pushing her away and rejecting her pleas for forgiveness and reconciliation, Hee Tae asks Il Ri to come back home, to which she objects. She explains that there is no reason to go back because there is nothing that has changed between them.

We sympathize with this sentiment because before they can reconcile, they need to mend the problems in their marriage; her affair just scratches the surface. If they can’t identify and resolve those issues, then a reunion would be pointless.

9. “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle“: You go, girl!

This drama makes our mouths water with all the shots of delicious fried chicken, but more than that, we love a heroine who doesn’t take nonsense! So, we cheered when spunky Soon Jung stood up for herself, not only refusing to let some schoolmates bully her, but kicking all their butts!


10. “The King’s Face”: Noble idiocy is sometimes necessary

To protect the crown prince, who is in a rough position, Ga Hee sacrifices herself. She embraces her fate and becomes the king’s woman. It is a decision that gives Kwanghae so much pain that he falls sick.

Her actions might be seen as noble idiocy, but it is hard to ignore that this is the only way for her to help secure Kwanghae’s position and ensure the stability of the kingdom. Regardless, their love for each other is deep. We wonder what the fallout will be once the king learns that truth …

So, which scenes had you guys talking and dreaming about? Share your thoughts below, and please join us against next week for a fresh top 10!

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