Jinwoon Is Eunji’s First Virtual Boyfriend on “Dating Alone”

2AM’s Jinwoon was recently revealed as A Pink’s Jung Eunji’s first boyfriend on the new JTBC show “Dating Alone,” and it appears as though he had a very good time on the virtual date.

Jinwoon appeared confident that he could be a good boyfriend to Eunji and a good match for her easy-going personality. After the virtual reality date began, however, he was not as confident as he was in the beginning. “It’s not as easy as I thought it would be,” he said, showing his embarrassment.

In the end, Jinwoon, who has already shown his romantic side on “We Got Married,” once again proved he can be the kind of boyfriend that all the girls want.

Inwoon Dating Alone

“It was more fun than I had expected it would be,” he said after it was over. “Is it possible to bring me on as a full time member?”

We’ll find out more about how Jinwoon and Eunji’s virtual date went when “Dating Alone” premieres on January 31.