Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – January Week 4

Another week is here and so are our favorite K-drama moments. It’s a new season so we’ve got lots of scenes from new dramas to share. So many new dramas, so little time!

1. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Finish what you started!

On Kill Me, Heal Me this past week, Do Hyun accidentally locked himself and Rin Jin down in the cellar of her home. After being stuck there for hours, Rin Jin ends up getting drunk and when she almost falls over, he catches her, which sets both their hearts pounding. Mistakenly thinking the smexy, bad boy persona Se Gi has come out, Ri Jin calls him by that name.

Do Hyun decides to “test” himself – is he the one who likes Ri Jin or is it really Se Gi? He comes close enough to kiss her but stops just before doing so. Ri Jin angrily grabs his collar and screams at him for stopping, : if a man takes out his sword, he should go all the way!

This might be the first time we’ve ever seen this happen and it had us in stitches.

2. “Healer”: I’m not leaving

After 6 days of not hearing from him, Young Shin manages to locate Jung Hoo‘s hidden lair (with Ahjumma’s help) and lets herself inside only to discover him sick in bed. She climbs into bed with him to keep him warm, waiting until he’s asleep, she goes snooping, helping herself to his clothes and refrigerator, which is most likely empty since we know he never cooks.

Jung Hoo isn’t happy to see her there when he wakes up, but when he tries to shove her out the door, she runs from him, refusing to leave. As he comes closer, she wraps her arms around him, telling him how sorry he’s going to be if he makes her leave, which causes him to finally break down. Young Shin wipes the tears from his face and kisses him. We guess being greedy for kisses last week worked so…what should we wish for this week?

3. Shine or Go Crazy“: I’ll protect you from the rain

Two episodes in and we’re already loving this drama. Wang So saves Shin Yool from an unwanted marriage to an old villain by pretending to marry her himself. He does it grudgingly, but with some prodding from the sweet, bubbly Shin Yool, he begins to enjoy the wedding ceremony. This brings joy to our hearts, because Jang Hyuk’s smile is so infectious. But what really got us was when it started to rain. Yes, we’ve watched the hero shield the heroine from the rain in countless dramas, but we couldn’t stop our hearts from fluttering when Wang So lifted his arm and protected her. We are so ready for this romance.

4. Punch: Jo Gang Jae goes down!

There are no angels in this drama where even the most noble character has chosen to protect their family over seeking justice, but not all devils are created equal. We can describe Gang Jae in a million ways – all negative – but the most despicable thing about him is the joy he derives from taunting Jung Hwan over his impending death. So we squealed in joy when he got manipulated then subsequently arrested and publicly disgraced for some of his crimes. But what made the moment really special was watching him get down on his knees and beg Jung Hwan to save him. Not in this lifetime, Bro.

5. “Spy”: Mom is always right

After she overhears her son’s lovely lady, Yoon Jin, having a rather ambiguous phone conversation, Hye Rin tries to warn Sun Woo that this girl might not be who he thinks she is. Unfortunately, this disappoints Sun Woo and they have a rather nasty argument, showing the first cracks in the very close, very sweet Mother/Son relationship.

It turns out Hye Rin is right as she later sees Yoon Jin meeting North Korean spy leader, Ki Chul – the very man who is threatening her family and demanding she turn over her son. Why is Sun Woo’s girlfriend meeting this killer and does this mean (once again) that Moms are always right?

6. “Healer”: 1 minute or 10 seconds

Frustrated and jealous as Jong Soo and Young Shin read over documents together, Jung Hoo heads downstairs to the coffee shop, looking for a drink. Young Shin pops up and asks him to choose a side: east or west. Jung Hoo picks east, and she tells him they’ll stand next to each other for one minute and talk. He asks what west is, and when she tells him she’ll hug him for ten seconds, he quickly demands to change his choice, extending his arms for a hug. LOL. His chutzpah makes her laugh, easing his concern that she was mad at him. She confesses that she’s only holding back from wanting to hold hands, hug, talk all night, and kiss. She clarifies that she wants to do all those things with Healer, but holding back is making her mad, too. When she turns to leave, he stops her, and he almost reveals what they both know to be the truth about his identity.

While Healer still hasn’t come, she tells Jung Hoo that she’ll wait for him, but it still makes her mad. As he acknowledges this, she leans her head on his shoulder, and before he could touch her, she moves away. In desperation, he swings his arm back, reaching for her, but again, he misses.

This scene is heartbreaking to watch, but it’s the kind of drama that hurts so good! At the same time, we don’t know if we could have endured this push and pull for too long. Fortunately, Young Shin’s wait is short-lived! Just check out our number 2!

7. “Legendary Witch “: I’m your son 


Probably one of the happiest cliff hangers on this show that was a long time coming was the reveal that Woo Suk is actually Bok Nyeo’s son.

Finally Bok Nyeo knows the truth, and she can be relieved of the guilt she had towards him throughout the years. We are looking forward to the tearful reunion next week, but the reveal alone plus the look of shock on Bok Nyeo’s face left us quite elated. We are quite happy for these two who have suffered so much because of their separation. Now we want to see them defeat the one who caused their separation.

8. “Valid Love“: Roundhouse Kiss


After drowning his sorrows over his mother’s development of dementia, Gi Tae drops by the cafe where Yi Ri is employed. He behaves as possessively as a boar staking claim over his territory when he sees her sharing drinks with a co-worker. He warns her not to kiss him and proceeds to man handle her co-worker, upset she asks whether he always turns into a dog when he is drunk, and he decides to show her what real dog-like behavior is like. He lays her flat on a table filled with snacks, kissing her not once but twice. Angry, she replies with a roundhouse kick, knocking him out cold.

All we can say is he had it coming, although we sympathize with his situation, forcefully kissing someone, either while drunk or sober, is not acceptable. On the flip side  this odd pairing is surprisingly likable, in between the bickering, we enjoy seeing them care for each other. We are also hoping Yi Ri makes a man out of him.

9. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me“: Bite and run

A scary gorilla is on the loose in the Wonderland amusement park and a frightened patron grabs hold of an unsuspecting Go Seo Jin, begging for help. What is the man to do? Obviously bite the clingly woman, push her toward the gorilla, and run for higher ground lol.

Seo Jin suffers from D.I.D (Disassociative Identity Disorder) aka multiple personality disorder, therefore he cannot afford to get overly excited or be placed in dangerous situations or else his alter will take over. Due to this, all kinds of behaviors are prohibited, including physical contact with women. Seo Jin’s hilarious act of apparent cowardice is one of self-preservation, however, let’s be honest, what would you do if a gorilla was heading your way? We would run too LOL.

10. “Heart to Heart”: Its fun being this close

While replacing a light bulb, Hong Do gets a close up of Yi Suk and is compelled to touch him, as she openly contemplates how she felt about them sleeping together. With an enchanted look, which mirrored his, she admits that she liked it, and he professes to feel the same. The situation leads to a lot of misleading sounds coming out of Yi Suk’s office as the two begin to play around. Subsequently Yi Suk is caught on top of her by her crush Doo Soo, which brought their fun to an end.

The ethics in this doctor patient relationship has long been tossed out the window, but for someone with a fear of people, Hong Do is surprisingly comfortable with Yi Suk. Is it because he is such a great doctor or is it because of something more binding like love?

It’s scenes like these that make it hard to quit our Kdrama addiction, let us know what were your favorite scenes and what left you wanting more. Thanks for joining us this week, we hope to see you in Couch Kimchi’s next Top 10!

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