Park Shin Hye Talks about Lee Jong Suk and Her Favorite Kiss Scene in Pinocchio

Park Shin Hye has been keeping a busy schedule with fan meetings and various interviews after her drama “Pinocchio” successfully ended. In an interview, she shared her thoughts on the drama and her co-actor Lee Jong Suk.

When asked how acting in “Pinocchio” was, she answered, “Every moment in ‘Pinocchio’ was great. How Choi In Ha (her character in “Pinocchio”) grew up, her love story with Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk’s character), and her family’s story were all good, and all the events happened in the drama were fun. In the beginning though, it was tiring having to pour out my emotions. It wasn’t that I was unhappy, but because I had to be so emotional, I felt weak. But because I was able to overcome the exhaustion eventually, I became energized for my next project.”

When asked which kiss scene was most memorable to her in “Pinocchio,” she answered, “Personally, the kiss scene before the break-up sticks with me the most. It was an intense moment. It’d be a lie to say I never dated in my life. So I’d have to say that [the scene] made me feel like I was really breaking up with someone. I was so into In Ha’s emotions that it broke my heart. Even after I heard ‘Cut’ [from the director], I even thought, ‘What is wrong with me?’ I cried so much that time.”


She also shared her thoughts on co-star Lee Jong Suk. When asked what she will remember Lee Jong Suk as, she replied, “Although he seems a bit weird on the outside, he is a very thoughtful person. I sometimes look at him like a proud Mom, but I also see him as a friend or an oppa. Our chemistry during the acting was good. He is hard to define in one word.”

Park Shin Hye ended the interview saying, “For me, ’Pinocchio’ is like a drama that hasn’t ended. What In Ha went through it the drama is similar to what I’m going through now.” She also added, “I hope this interview with me becomes something one has to read, and something one wants to read. Rather than impact, it’s about fact! This was MSC’s Choi In Ha.”

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