Lee Jong Suk Explains Why He Went through a Slump, and His New Goal for 2015 after Overcoming It

Lee Jong Suk, who recently confessed of going through a slump, explained more on what happened and his new goal for 2015.

Since “School 2013,” Lee Jong Suk had not taken a break as he featured in various dramas and movies such as “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “Doctor Stranger,” “The Face Reader,” and “Hot-Blooded Youth.” After being in so many dramas and movies in such a short time, Lee Jong Suk shared that he suddenly found himself in a slump.

“A slump just came to me. Some sunbaes told me that it was bound to happen soon. During the time, it felt like I lost the sense of direction. I love acting, but I started getting exhausted. I never took a break while working, so I wondered if I should rest or not. If I was going to take a break, I knew it was going to become a long break,” he confessed.

However, receiving the script for “Pinocchio” and working hard to become Choi Dal Po helped him overcome the slump naturally.

When asked what his plans for 2015 were, he answered that it was to find “happiness.” He added, “It is undecided whether I will take a break and re-energize, or chose another project. Maybe I keep working because I’m not living joyfully enough. Anyways, my goal for 2015 is to find out what ‘happiness’ is.”

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